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It's been quite some time since I'd posted something on this site o'mine. The reason? The idiotic cyber-squad of the Govt. Of India. Recently, following the Mumbai 'blasts which shook the world' [resonance ;) ], it suddenly occurred some dude in the department that they had been causing great inconveniences for a while on only normal spheres of life of the people, and had ignored the technological side completely. The guy finds that he cannot sleep due to this realisation and spends the night tossing, turning and racking his brain on what to disturb in the IT field...and out of the blue, it dawns... BLOGS!

The next day, he walks straight to the cyber-squad and braces them of the situation - terrorists using BLOGS(!) to communicate within themselves...The cyber squad, having been almost reduced to the conditon of swatting files on the computers in the office, playing minesweeper (with cheats), and counting the number of pipes in the 3D pipes screensaver of their computers due to no work, jump at the opportunity of making their presence felt in the nation. In no time, all internet serrvice providers are ordered to shut down 'two blogs'(thats the number which they told the reporters) which they believed were terrorists' hog. The ISPs, unfortunately, dont have the facility to block just a few subdomains of 'blogspot.com' and inform the govt. of the same. The concerned guys in the govt, lazy semi-literate idiots, give order to bloack all subdomains of blogspot.com; and due to that, millions of bloggers across India found themselves staring at an "Unable to display page" error one fine morning.

As for me, I had just twiddled around with the template of this blog, (and had succeeded in removing the 'I power Blogger' logo in the sidebar:) ) a day ago, so I thought this might have been due to a forced restriction against removing that icon from the template. So I had to delete the template, and pick a new one, goto all the trouble of changing the looks, the links, adding special stuff...

Still out of luck... I got the same error message. And the very next day, I happen to see the news item "Bloggers furious over Govt's 'gag' on blogs". I heaved a sigh of relef...and here I am now.

The WDM2 has started smokin' again! Outta the way, everyone!!!

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