So you wanna go camping?

Recently a friend asked me whether I liked to camp in our school. By the way, our school is very awesome place. It has places suited for everything, from studies to camping. The latter was a very green, quiet place ideal for a night out. I pondered on what might be the next best thing. And within no time, I came up with the answer.

WARNING: Ok, maybe I'm mad...
TIP: I'm a railnut.

If you still didnt get it, the following paragraphs of this post are for railfans, who, eventhough having travelled in trains more than a thousand times, still jump at the sight and sound of a locomotive... if you are not one, head out and read something else.

The answer was... near a ghat-section railway line! What other place than that to have all the fun of nature's omnipresence, watch trains, AND (considering the fact that MOST beautiful ghat sections are not electrified in India) have the adrenaline rush on hearing a screaming WDM2 chug and crash through the forests everyday! Think of the photography opportunities on a little-to-medium traffic line on a a scenic forest route like the one below (shot by my friend who is also a railnut like me) I like it so much that it's my current desktop wallpaper.

A pic comes here usually, but now i dunno what happened
For your info, this place is Walayar on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.

Imagine the quiet solitude of the forest line...all of a sudden a distant chug reverberates through the forest, the rails start whining...The sound grows louder...Crashing through the vegetation, showing off its magnificient face, thunders a twin WDM2 set, hauling the afternoon freight... it passes by, restoring the forest to its silence, (I quote Ruskin Bond) 'leaving only a plume of smoke to drift lazily over the tall sheesham trees'.

Being one with nature and the smokin' steel monsters...both equally entertaining.

To have a nice ending, here are two photos I took off a train on the ghat section between Quilon and Sengottai... Hope you like them.

PS: if you like these pics, visit my railway gallery here

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