Splitting heads and tunnel vision

My human-body system began to work weirdly today.

In the evening, that is. At about four-thirty, I started to perceive a strange flickering
towards the right corner of my right eye. This gradually grew and finally I ended up being
unable to see properly what I was focussing on. For the biology blokes, here's a more vivid description: I felt as though there was a blind spot on top of my usual yellow spot in the eye.

The feeling was frightening: I couldnt read anything from a slight distance, couldnt recognise faces of people from far, and, worse still, I saw everything I looked at - only
half clear. Seriously... I panicked. I washed my eyes a couple of times. Slowly it began to
clear out. By the time I heaved a sigh of relief, my eyes did the reverse of what they did - I began to experience a sort of 'tunnel vision'. I could only see things if I looked at them alone... I mean, focus solely on them. All other things you see through the corner of the eyes were very blurred, almost invisible. I SWEAR I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. THIS REALLY

After a long time, that cleared. Nothing to worry (but considering the fact that the power
of the glasses I wear is -6.5, it means much...)

Quite. But the worst was yet to come... after a few minutes, I experienced THE MOST INFERNAL
HEADACHE ever! My God, it was literally splitting my head from ear to ear. I lay back in the seat of my bus (I was on my way home) groaning with pain. I felt like something was digging into both the sides of my head with a spoon, sloowwwwwwwwly... Dunno why, but I almost let out tears (ALMOST, okay?).
Hours late, the blasted pain ceased as suddenly as it had come. I swear this was the most painful bus-ride I had ever taken since I was born. My head could rather have blown to pieces than undergo such an eruptive headache.

Since then (that was three hours ago), I'm watching my system cautiously. I'm sitting on top of a dormant volcano...or rather, I'm the volcano.

So there. You've wasted your precious time reading this crap.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, just wondering how things are going? This happened to me yesterday morning (almost exactly as you described - even down to the riding on public transportation when it happened), scared the crap out of me. Makes me feel better to hear someone else experienced this as well, although, I wouldn't wish for it to happen to my worst enemy.

Hope you're feeling better.

Take care