The thin, black thingy on your table is... A TRAITOR!!!

Of all things on earth, the wicked floppy is the most frustrating and evil thing ever. Apart from being traditionally black, there is that evil grin on its face which, at first glance, tells you that this object is not decent. A bad day with a floppy wont get worse. They have a ritual of perpetual treason against their owner, or someone who depends on them.

Mankind, since the time of invention of computers, has been at war with floppies... trying their best to appease them, so that they remain faithful all their life. You have to treat a floppy with very great respect and not abuse it any manner(atleast in front of it), otherwise, man! you're in for some hardcore data loss! First it was the huge 5.25 inch demons, and now it has shrunk to the size of a 3.5 inch devil. But their consistent betrayal has never wavered.

Take this common situation... you have to carry a very important document (in the good old .doc format) to your workplace and you put the tiny file in one of those floppies sitting on your desk. Everything goes okay, and you even do a double check on your computer. The floppy remains VERY VERY honest, noiseless.. As soon as you pop the dismal demon into the workplace computer, the cunning piece of plastic begins its dirty work. It starts resisting motion inside the dive, so that you hear 'chik''chik' noises coming outta your drive. Somehow, you manage to keep the computer steady and make your way to the A: drive. The beginsd the great wait... the whole process of reading takes about 15 mins. Then comes up the heart stopping error message: "General Failure reading drive". Your first reaction would be "Hey, who's that General Failure and why is he reading MY drive?"

You're jolted back to your senses and suddenly you realize what a dirty underhand double-crosser thing a floppy disk is........

I've been waiting for that moment. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gals, lets prepare to mass-boycott the traitor floppy disk - and replace them with honest, faithful, straightforward storage media (the USB flash drive, for instance)... Let evil be wiped out from the entire face of the technological world... and floppies be burnt, buried in an unmarked grave and be trodden over by elephants.


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Wilson Samuel, IRFCA said...

Hi Sriram,

I have gone through your blog and I find it quite interesting. Cool.. Keep it up dude..

Also, I have long used this phrase ever since I knew computers, and its something like this:

'Floppies and Girls are NEVER to be trusted'!!

No offences please, however as you will grow up, you will find that both of them behave most of the time quite similarly, both of them may ditch you when you want them the most!!