I am a connectivity addict. Computers, internet, mobile-phone, blogs, email, Orkut... anything that keeps me connected is enough. I usually start any holiday by jumping out of bed and switching on the PC in my room, which is blessed with a fat pipe (256k broadband). As the system boots up, modem initialises and connects to the omnipotent internet, I briush my teeth and do all the necessary obligations. A few clicks, a few taps, I have completed my morning ritual of checking mail and scraps (orkut!)... The rest of the day sees me coming atleast five-times a day and staying online for aleast 3 hours a day.

This connectivity addiction that is slowly creeping into me, people say, is bad. Others have their lips sealed. But I am addicted for ever (or so I gather). I have my blog, my friends in Orkut, my fellow-railfans in IRFCA, fellow geeks in techie-groups, chums in Yahoo messenger, and other friends' blogs to go through.

Music! I cant live without this, frankly. Whether with my speakers on all full blast, or shaking my head at some beautiful song over the headphones, or lying on the bed composing some dreamy tune in my mind, or singing in the bathroom to drive away boredom, or singing loudly in the classroom (the guys sitting nearby join as time - and music - passes) my mind flows freely over the keys of the piano, over the frets of the guitar, and over the fingerboard of the violin. I find my 15 GB of songs too meagre... I find the internet too slow... the woes are endless.

Damn... I made this post as boring as never before. Oh, I cant do anything more. This craps dwells in the mighty server of blogspot.com. Another black spot in my largely spotless (honestly!) blog... Dash it, I sound like I'm drugged...ok, let me remove my headphones.

Another day... another post... another irreversible chunk out of an infinitesimally fast paced life...........

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