Summarised, precise introduction to an often lengthy block of text... TITLE!

Mankind just falls for hi-fi language. Here are some hi-funda stuff cooked up for some commonplace words we use.

# The complete, soverign, authoritative, undisputable solution to a hitherto-unsolved problem: The answer
# Current-electricity starting/stoppage controller: Switch
# Thermally exploded maize-cereal kernels: Popcorn
# Non-euclidean geometry of the plane: Geometry
# Meaningful communication-intended sentences passes through/without wires from one Commonly operated Device particularly useful for trade, education and research to another such electronic computing device either automatically or as per human instruction electronically: Guess what... EMAIL!!!

Please contribute more... DONT lift them from any websites... make them up yourself(as I did) and post them as comments.

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