The human touch... of love

Everyone is behind his or her bit of glass, hardened up for the world. But inwardly, we are mere molluscs.

You(a boy) and your friend (say it's a girl) have known each other since the very pink of childhood. Now you are a teenager and she is also one. Why is it that you cannot just run upto her and hug her just like you did umpteen times when you were little? Why cant two little kids that kissed each other, do the same ten or fifteen years later?

Love is being mistaken everywhere. Just what DO people think of love? As a cactus that builds up in the minds of two people and invariably forces them to elope? Why has everyone forgotten the beautiful concept of just plain affection... the human touch? A pat on the shoulder, a smile, a hug... As a friend put it, "I want to put my arms around a girl or just give a friendly pat on the back without being accused of sexual hassasment. I want to put my arms around my buddies without them questioning my sexuality."

Since when has the world lost its mind? We are not robots, nor are we wooden toys. Admit it, no one can live without that bit of humaneness. Come to think of it, what have we got to shrink from? I want to hold hands with, put my arms around my friends freely, whatever their sex may be. The touch of a caring boy feels the same as that of a caring girl, the touch that says "I'm there for you". I bet everyone inwardly would be craving for the same. So why do we harden ourselves up? TO convince God that his creations were an utter failure? To not distinguish ourseles from our own creations, the robots?

We live in a world where human touch is limited to straight-faced handshakes, formal gestures and hard-hearts.It's the damn society... I crave for the world where we are not restrained by social barriers, where everyone can walk together, talk, laugh, live together like friends, true loving friends. I need that relationship, that touch... so do you.


Macabreday said...

nice one buddy. I guess we can now label ourselves as "cold-machines"
I remembered these lyrics..

I see you working at your station
Radiation burns my eyes
Love's forbidden so is passion
This whole place is sterilized

You don't know my name
You don't know my number
You don't know my face at all
We walk right past each other
Every single day
Like cold machines
We're marching on and on and on and on and on

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@divyan: exactly. precisely the same situation. wonder when this is gonna get right. I dont think it will

NATO X said...

dey, u r right in some of the aspects.
well, it is a thing that v should all understand, many of us tend to mistake sex 4 love, and the other way round.

vishnusasidharan08@gmail.com said...

hmm..some nice thoughts there..
m sure to write abt the same in my blog..
as usual...was a good one..!