My heart leaps at the sight of the popup
"Local folders has one mail message";
The phone beeps
"One message received";
Yahoo messenger exclaims
So-and-so "is online";
My blog proclaims
"Five comments";

A dream? Watching, waiting, hoping
For that contact, for that doping
Silence to end...
Another day, another hope
A piece, a chunk, a drop
Out of the swift-flowing waters
Of eternity...
A talk here, there a chat,
With some unknown friend that
Dwells far away, Over?
Wasting the precious gems of
A sparkling jewel in dreamy repose.

Books lie scattered dust-gathering;
The restless music rises, echoing
The reverberating pangs of loneliness
Mind mindless, time timeless...
Nothing can scour the depths, another apart,
Of a waiting, lonely heart;
A soul parched, separated from someone loved.
One thought falling into another,
Meandering its way through the grey-matter
Clouded with time, yet vivid, lusturous...
Oh, for some words... silence is torturous!

The same letters read over again
Conversations recalled; I would fain,
From you, have torn my mind apart
But cannot; the memories fail to depart...

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