It seems what goes up must come down. Quite.I wonder if there is something like 'What goes in must be made to come out'.
Or so it looks from the small cloudy drops on the road.
If there is one thing unique to people who make me wince at the sight of them, it's the way they spit nonchalantly on the road, on the sides of electric posts, along dusty sideways and out of vehicles.

It drives me mad...seriously! I feel like slicing their lips off in disgust. But then, it would be wrong to group all spitters as one. There are three types of them:

1) The nonchalant spuer: Cool as a cucumber, he lets the world go its way, while he dexterously brings the disgusting thing up his wretched throat and, in a swift move that easily escapes the notice of humanity around him, shoots it out towards the nearest lamp-post

2) The sound-and-fury man: He lets the whole world watch his exploits. With skill, he extracts the juice out of the paan he is chewing. He then arches back, HRROoAAAAACK! PTOO! (repeat as necessary).

3) The exhaust-heavy-automobile: This species lives on some sort of liquid fuel and runs on an engine which is propelled by its exhaust. He continuously irrigates the path on which he treads by spitting out furiously at regular intervals.

The size and shape varies... From the small, grey drop on the road to the stinking red swotches on anyting vertical along the roads.

Right ho, we come to the end of this small... oh, wait a minute.



Macabreday said...

yyeeekk... we seriously lack civic sense....i believe the govt should start imposing fines on people who spit and urinate in public, and for once do it properly, unlike the smoking ban, where even the cops smoke in public places.

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@Mac: I was thinking of something like: "Anyone who dares to spit out in public places shall have their lips sliced" or something like that. But I was moved at the thought of what would happen to people who pee in public places, if a similar punishment was to be enforced!

Anonymous said...

ick! they must be banned. these people. or better, instead of grabbing their liberty away, make pan ultra-expensive, like Rs.500 per piece or something! hah! that would be the perfect way to prevent utter idiots form getting addicted to it. Quit chewing pan or dish out 5000 bucks everyday! :D or may be they could even install pan-spit-boxes on the roads. (yuck!) but really, can we expect people to actually WALK UPTO a PSB and spit IN it?? heee :P

Niranjani said...

The best punishment would be like what "anniyan" gave out..if you have watched this movie. If not, the spitter was put into a cell full of deadly snakes...!!!!