The writer's nightmare

The pen, it seems, was the best of all writing inventions in the history of mankind.


But what came with it is the most unwelcome accessory. What came to safeguard the object mightier than the sword, had made the pen (and the mortals using it) to bow down in resignation.

By the way, I?m speaking about the pen-cap.

This small sheath of plastic (or metal) has turned out to be a pen wielder?s nightmare. Personally, I believe that its real job comes more in the line of getting lost and be sworn at when found hours later. Apart from one?s temper, this happens to be the object that one tends to lose most of the time. I feel that it is not getting due respect nowadays (no that it used to, earlier). Anyway, treat it with respect and you may be sure that you?ll be left alone (pun unintended). This is in connection with what happens scores of times, but is usually blamed on something else. You are writing something furiously. It turns out to be a Herculean piece of work for a human. After some minutes of labouring, you feel tired and want to give it a break. Incidentally, you happen to be writing with a fountain pen (one of those affairs which tend to throw up, or get dried up, if left unattended for long). Suddenly you realise that the wicked cap is missing. It is not on the floor, nor is it on the pen or on any part of you. Fed up, you put everything aside and get up.

The cap falls out of your lap and makes a dive for the floor. Invariably, it bounces up and vanishes into thin air.

An hour is spent in searching for it, and finally, you manage to find another (ill-fitting) cap and shut the pen up with it. Next morning, you find the old one lying beside you on the bed, smirking away.

The resulting storm of abuses does no good. The pen?s cap is the evil that needs to be looked after; the pen?s best friend and the fragile nib?s bodyguard.

Not to mention, a constant source of frustrated exercise.


Sriskandhs said...

And when it does go down it manages to settle on the most unaccessible place possible. ..Murphy s law?

Anonymous said...

very true very true! this is precisely the reason why i have now switched to using click-type pens. MUCH more convinient. really.

ps. i like the new template :D

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@Sriskanth: Yup, I guess murphy had something to do with these things ;)

@Sneha: LOLZ
PS: Glad ppl like the new template!

Macabreday said...

yea man... in school we had the habit of breakin the pen caps.. it used to be an obsessive hobby.
and nice template.

chandni said...

i this this is intewesting actually!

pen caps and well..pens remind me of school!

:) nice post, had fun while readin it!

another rail fan?? god I have too many IRFCA fans in my life!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@msc: same here. i used to always lose the cap in my lower classes.

@chandni: ahem... railfan... yes!

Anonymous said...