Another one...

Another year gone past... something that I've heard about time flying looks true after all. Well, what an eventful year this has been! The first thing that comes to my mind is my tenth standard board exams. I rememebr how we laboured under the books, and how one fine morning we found ourselves staring at the question paper from the ICSE board. All that seems like a decade ago - such is the scale of things that happened. Well, after the exams I decided to immerse myself in the very centre of enjoyment but as luck would have I got selected for the Finals of the National Talent Search Exam(NTSE) which demanded my burying myself in a few herculean books all through till the middle of the hols. And so curse I did. I grumbled and studied.

Ah leave out the boring part...Then in early April I bought my digicam and the Nomad with the Digicam was born! What a beauty it was - the Canon Powershot! I took it with me on my first railfanning-cum-IR photograpy trip to aunt's house in Madurai, but via a beautiful route that I had chosen. And ended up with a fine collection of pics and sweet memories. I started this blog also about this time - hurray! After coming back I immersed myself in hesitant preparation of the NTSE and then took another trip to Coimbatore (rail pics here!) to visit grandparents and cousins. Five days there flew past like five minutes and there I was heading to Ernakulam for the NTSE finals behind a "whistler" WDM2 from ERS shed. The return journey was behind another super whistler from ED shed. And messed up the exam... they might have as well not given me the question paper...

The much awaited ICSE results came out. Though I did not get what I expected, I got over the disappointment of the rather less-than-expected 92% easily. School started... ahh! what fun! Imagine the fun that comes from being completely relaxed in school and watching movies at School(yeah!) after a hectic 10th!

Onam vacations after the 1st terminal exams. Started off again! To Rajapalayam (where we hadnt been for a verry long tme) Had a nice time and I squeezed in my bit of railfanning too in the meagre one day we got at madurai - pics here. What a trip!

Then slowly came the First National Aerospace Olympiad - my first time of a fairly large amount of newspaper publicity! As I have already written a looong trip report on it I don't wanna elaborate. Interested people may read the latter and check out the large number of photos.

Days narrowed down... and now there's the last! But what's the big deal? We run on forever in the tracks of time and there's seldom time to look back and get all weepy about it. But then there's the internet and for me there's anotherbloggerbloke.blogspot.com...

And Happy New Year, everyone


The zodaic is bull (er.. i dont meanTaurus)

I have never cared for it. By the way, I was born on September 21, which zodiac-maniacs(nice word!) would remember as the exact transition period between virgo and libra. Well when I was small, I had thought that I belonged to the class of the Balance as I wasn't very sure of the dates(of the Zodiac, not my b'day). So libra it was till a few years ago, I discovered to my surprise that I belonged to the class of that Lady. But I was not very happy being Virgo. To really put this thing to test, i hesitatingly looked up a few character-analysis thingies based on the zodiac and found many things (specific ones, not the commonplace "Smart guy, good feller" description) in both Virgo and Libra sort-of were true for me. So I therefore remain on the border, with free will to criticise or brag about any of them to the other.

And while we're at it, I think I'd better take these zodiacal stuff that is applicable to me and hurl it into the plastic basket in the corner.

'Coz, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! Phah! Some lady, some balalnce, some bull, what not...


An aromatic appointment

They say you should see the dentist every six months or twice a year (both being the same). Well, I concentrated on the better things in life for six years that I didnt even know what a dentist looked like (okay okay, a little bit of exaggeration doesnt hurt!) till a few hours back. My kid sister had been visiting the dentist for quite sometime now, as she had developed a cavity in her tooth (due to her lack of control on eating). Now, somehow my mom became aware that I had skillfully(or otherwise) avoided a visit to the guardian of the teeth and dragged me along with my sister.

This dentist, she happens to be the mother of a young guy in my school, and knows me well. But that wasnt what prompts me to say that this wa the only time where I wasnt bored waiting in a clinic. The real reason lay in the activity that took place at regular intervals in front of the house. The house stands on the road that runs alongside the Trivandrum-Quilon mainline and is a few hundred metres away from the Trivandrum Central Station home-signal. This was a diesel-lovers' paradise. Especialy so in the evenings and mornings, as lots of trains arrive and depart within a short interval. Screaming WDM2s roared and went chug-a-chugga-chugga-chug, spewing out the irresistibly aromatic diesel smoke (there, you are doubting my sanity now). Okay okay, enough of trains. Fine.

The dentist found two small cavities and one big bad cavity in my lower teeth and filled the latter without hurting me much. Over. I came out of the clinic and watched an ED WDM2 go past, headlights on. Snapping back to my senses after it had disappeared, I spat out the wad of cotton wool the dentist had told me to keep between my teeth, hailed an auto and went home.

Now the point of this post is this: What exactly is the point?


How the exams went

Physics: Got a WDM2 due to the regular WDP4 having suffered a problem in the turbocharger. WDM2 blasts past at MPS, puts up a top show and finishes the journey quite early. Excellent work!

English (Lit.): WDP4 is back... puts up a decent show, but not very impressive.

Maths: Uh oh... Tricky ghat section and steep gradients... a tree brach falls and causes minor damages to radiator and long-hood. WDG2 called for rescue and does a clumsy job...

English (Gen.): Good ol' WDP4 SCREAMS past terrified people... held up at many red signals but accelerates like crazy and tries to make up lost time. This is GOD!

Env. Studies: Looong stretch of plain desert and scrub - same things all around... loooong boring journey at a moderate speed.

Computer:(Wednesday)Awesome show by WDP4! No hurdles at all... green all the way!

Chemistry: (Friday) (Forecast: Tough route... very tough. I suppose I'll need two WDP4s and a WDG4-banker for this)

Yes... the forecast was true. Even two WDP4s couldnt handle the job well. A flat spot in the wheel, sparks during braking, frequent brake pipe pressure problems, and reds all the way. Whew! Had a real tough time even getting the two beasts to the loco shed after getting the train to teh destination. DAMN!