An aromatic appointment

They say you should see the dentist every six months or twice a year (both being the same). Well, I concentrated on the better things in life for six years that I didnt even know what a dentist looked like (okay okay, a little bit of exaggeration doesnt hurt!) till a few hours back. My kid sister had been visiting the dentist for quite sometime now, as she had developed a cavity in her tooth (due to her lack of control on eating). Now, somehow my mom became aware that I had skillfully(or otherwise) avoided a visit to the guardian of the teeth and dragged me along with my sister.

This dentist, she happens to be the mother of a young guy in my school, and knows me well. But that wasnt what prompts me to say that this wa the only time where I wasnt bored waiting in a clinic. The real reason lay in the activity that took place at regular intervals in front of the house. The house stands on the road that runs alongside the Trivandrum-Quilon mainline and is a few hundred metres away from the Trivandrum Central Station home-signal. This was a diesel-lovers' paradise. Especialy so in the evenings and mornings, as lots of trains arrive and depart within a short interval. Screaming WDM2s roared and went chug-a-chugga-chugga-chug, spewing out the irresistibly aromatic diesel smoke (there, you are doubting my sanity now). Okay okay, enough of trains. Fine.

The dentist found two small cavities and one big bad cavity in my lower teeth and filled the latter without hurting me much. Over. I came out of the clinic and watched an ED WDM2 go past, headlights on. Snapping back to my senses after it had disappeared, I spat out the wad of cotton wool the dentist had told me to keep between my teeth, hailed an auto and went home.

Now the point of this post is this: What exactly is the point?


Me said...

Hahaha... there! I knew you would include the steel beasts somewhere in every post!

Anonymous said...

hahah!! its OKAY. dentists are good people and at one point or the other u HAVE to go to them :)
oh yea, the thing about visiting them once every 6 mths is true. u must get a clean up once in 6 mths AT LEAST. got it, kid? be good!

Sidhusaaheb said...

I am scared of dentists!