Chemistry Class

Incessant rain, damp classroom,
Spectacles misted with the sweat, when
Heat radiating radiates off twenty people which loom
Large in a class of (present+absent) forty seven.

One lone human about as tall as
The table, droning off into sheer -
Undecipherable strings of benzenes and complexes,
Words which hardly reach a forty ear.

Heads nod, vacant eyes blink, mouths gape;
This wet afternoon... do I care?
Heck, does anyone? Drunk? Dope? Nope.
To give a ear, does anyone care? Nopes.

Thats it... Chemistry class!

I think the most pointless subject one has ever been forced to study is
Chemistry. Sharply contrasting against its beautiful companion, the
mighty PHYSICS, this wretched subject is totally out of relevance in the
world we live in.

"Pointless, huh? Look at organic chemistry!"

%$#&^ Organic chemistry... pile of rotten weather-beaten brinjals. Does
the fact that Benzene has a hexagonal structure make any difference to
my life? If u think so, I'm afraid u're vastly mistaken.

"Hey most of the medicines that u have today are wonders of Organic

Like I care. I'm gonna simply buy them and STUFF 'EM DOWN MY THROAT! I'm
not gonna MAKE them. Let the losers who make them comtinue doing it

Such a totally pointless subject...phew!


Macabreday said...

god alone knows how i ever cleared my science papers...not just chemistry, but even physics was a nightmare to me....when i finally cleared, one of my teachers told me that i probably passed because my parents prayed and not because i studied.

Akshay said...

ha ha ha .. interesting post. The somewhat change in the look is nice too

Sidhusaaheb said...

The positive aspect is that it helped bring out your poetic side!

Vrij said...

Quite a realistic post.. I've forgotten all the 'hexagonal' crap that I learnt in +2.. seriously, I dont get to use it.. neither in my personal nor in my professional life..

BTW.. Thanx for the visit to my blog.. saw ur comment too late :(

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@mac , vrij: Yes guys.. totally pointless subject

sidhusaaheb: Yes there's a new post 4 that now!

Akshay: Thanx..

Niranjani said...

hey u knw wat..i was the topper in my school in chemistry in 10th. god alone knws how. I don't think i can repeat that feat anytime ...

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@Niranjani: ahem... genius...