This is my longest poem yet ... please have the patience to read through this and leave your comments

Sometime, just about a year ago,
When excitement in life was cold and low,
Nothing was new, nothing was indeed,
With nothing to see and nothing to read.

The web was stale - stale and rusty
Blogs just stank and email was musty.
And then I got that smashing idea-
Embark on a tour, a tour of India!

Arrived by plane to the big airport
The ride was good, and there was nothing to note
Except a guy spat on me (only) once,
And the day, it was hot like eighteen suns.

I stepped out into a splendorous world
Far away, the Tricolour unfurled.
This was India! WOW! Way to go!
India’s great! To the world I can show.

The first thing ever to strike me,
Was the rich, beautiful and resplendent greenery.
Trees of all kinds swayed above my head;
(And on my head, a crow its droppings shed)

The roads were not very much clean
The buses and cabs looked a bit really mean.
A guy in a car almost ran me over once
And asked for the way to the Sunderbans!

Such a lot of languages, mine was one of them;
Vibrant culture, heritage, all I attribute to them.
I once visited the splendid museum
And out of it in a fright, I did come.

Then I had to rest for quite a few days,
As an electric post fell right on my face.
I stayed in my room till I was well;
I used to watch the children play with a shell.

Later, I took a train to another place
(the locomotive looked really full of grace)
The rails rocked and shook me to sleep,
Me, in a nervous state, did they keep.
I trekked and toured for days and days
I fell in love with the gorgeous place.
I got back on a bus, worth mention,
Couldn’t take the train, due to a strike at the station.

The bus was fast, to say the least.
(To a scrap merchant, it would’ve been a feast)
It shook like hell and tossed me into air,
And I landed on another seat bare.

After some days, the monsoon began
Rain and more rain poured on the land.
I travelled around in a country boat,
(and the rain even damaged my bullet-proof coat).

The water was rising and a flood reported
Many days before, I felt, I should’ve departed.
(Another such flood was reported later,
But soon realized that it was yesterday’s paper).

I stayed in my room and watched with a sigh,
The things that came floating by-
A tree, a car and a broken piano,
A pencil, a switch and the horn of a rhino.

The rains finally bid goodbye,
And the sun started coming out shy.
The world turned suddenly green
Greener, greener, than I’d ever seen.

The rains had woken nature’s repose.
(I tripped on a branch and fell on my nose)
In spite of all my misfortunes,
I wanted to stay for some more moons.

Whether in the wildlife sanctuary,
With the lions and bears frowning at me,
Or at the sunny sandy bay
(In whose wind the palms do sway),

On the hills or beside the stream,
In a nightmare or a comfy dream;
On a gloomy, soaking rainy day,
Or a hot, sweltering, sunny May,

When in the shiver that winter did bring,
Or the brightly smiling, blooming spring;
When in the moonlight, beside the Yamuna,
Or on the mat, doing the yoga,

When in the stupendous, rocking train,
Or watching the leaf trembling in the rain;
When admiring the tropical sun,
Or looking through the web the spider had spun;

When listening to the intoxicated drifter,
Or joining natives in peals of laughter;
When hiking and camping in the chill mountains
Or waiting for cabs in crowded stations

A difference have I observed, a distinction
That is sole to India, and it’s worth mention.
That, I may say, is the spirit of the place
(And it’s been there right from the old days).

The time finally came for me to leave,
Time to bid goodbye, time to heave-
Myself out of the place, a unique land
(Though it held me on like quicksand)

I packed my bags and hailed a cab.
I got in, gave the air a triumphant stab,
(I strayed close to the door, unfortunately
And fell out on the road, regrettably).

I bid goodbye, while on the flight
To that wondrous land, a land of light.
I surely had a great time, really very nice
And thus ends this poem of a hundred lines.


Nitin SJ Narayanan said...

well.....for a travel agency I think it is the they have a Poetic Travelogue writer like you...

but hey...i have this one small doubt: Is this a poem or is this just one of your train lengthy WDM thingy...

NOTE: no offense meant..!!

PS: the poem's good..!!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Here's hoping that you get many more opportunities to travel farther and wider...


Anonymous said...

man i am just astonished to see your thoughts and your english ...........
keep up the good job

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@anon: And who are you, Mr Anonymous? Anyways, thanx!

Anonymous said...

Hi...am here thru standbymode's blog, where u had left a comment.
Am a travel freak and obviously this post of yours drew my attention.
you hv truly captured the essence of India in these 100 lines...well narrated.
Is it not amazing how the same is repeated here...how we can build a network of friendship on blogger!!
Bookmarking you...so shall be here more often.