The Penguin Rules!

Wohoo! I finally got my Linux system up and running! This is my first blog-post from Tux... Before that, a bit about my Linux ventures so far:

It all started three years back. Inspired by Srikanth, ex-Loyolite, working in Infosys, I set out to get my hands on a Red hat distro. But then Mishel(my tech-buddy) told me he already had a Mandrake 9.1 CD set. Installing Mandrake was a breeze. Got the system up and spent some days configuring it and doing...er... stuff on it. But heck, I couldn't get my modem (in the dialup days) to work in Mandrake. After a few months I got bored of it.

Then I got my hands on SuSE linux 9.1. This one was great. Very stable and rather quick... I fell in love with its features and looks. Even then I couldnt spend much time on it since I still couldn't get the stupid modem to work under it.

When Knoppix 4 arrived, it was a huge sucess. Equipped with the latest KDE 3.4, it was all eye-candy plus a HUGE lot of applications in just one live CD. It ran grudgingly on my (by then)legacy PC after a few tweaks. Ubuntu came, but it failed to please me (maybe because I hate GNOME).

Then came the big SuSE 10. It was just AWESOME - 5 CDs of goodies and offered the perfect blend of stability, eye-candy and a HUGE stock of apps. I got it installed (after trying to do so - FIVE times, as my lowly 128MB SDRAM was adamant). It was slow, obviously.

And now, after all the hype about Ubuntu being good (courtesy Mishel ;o) ) I wanted to get my hands on its KDE cousin (I still abstain from using GNOME - so there's one loyal KDE-fan!) I ordered two Kubuntu CD (for 32 and 64 bit systems) from shipit, but I got one of my friends' Kubuntu CD and installed it. There were a couple of problems with mounting and stuff, and Windoze put its foot down and refused to boot. I panicked and ran a repair. Also, this hard-disk of mine was cluttered up, even having the old SuSE 10 distro and its swap(which was a big boon, as Kubuntu uses swaps on the HDD during live boot and this was the only way to boot live on my ancient box - one of the irritating things is it can install to HD only after booting live). So I repartitioned the whole HD and proceeded to install Kubuntu after getting Windoze up. However I forgot that there was no swap for it now and it, as expected, hung while loading KDM. I booted my old Mandrake CD and created a swap, allowed the installation to proceed for a few seconds. Then booted Windoze and deleted Mandrakes root partition and set up partitions in such a way that there was just 10GB of free unpartitioned space left. Then it was back to Kubuntu installation and giving "Use largest continuous free space" during partition-selection (as custom partitioning causes the installer to crash - reason: gparted is rather memory-intensive) I got the whole thing installed and running in half and hour. The remaining things were configuring mounting of my Windoze partitions and doing a PPPOE configuration for setting up my ADSL modem to connect to the internet. All that said and done, look at the beauty:

Whew, nice start to the summer vacations(yeah, school closed yesterday).

PS: Linux is user-friendly, just that it aint idiot friendly.
PPS: Getting M$-Windoze is like buying a toy car. Getting Linux is like buying a buildable, fully-customizable model.
PPPS: (my favourite)Computers are like air-conditioners - they don't work properly if you open Windows... use LINUX!


Akshay said...

Awesome man......the pic in the post looks fantastic!!

Sidhusaaheb said...

So you are the original Linux junkie now...Great!

Sriram Murali said...

hmm.. thats a nice post :) hope u get mp3 workin on amarok too soon..

ps: me a loyal gnome fan :D.. somehow have an aversion towards KDE

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@Akshay: Thanx man... switch to Linux someday!

@Sidhu: Yeah! Getting internet configured was the major step towards spending all my time in linux.

@Sriram: Thanx... yes, that MP3 support is a pain in the ...er... kernel ;)

Anonymous said...

wow...tat desktop is smthing this moonlight would swoon for!!

Urgu said...

Chew on a penguin.

Akshay said...

I have already tried red hat linux a few years ago on my PC. I still work on red hat linux in college too!!!

Ruchika said...

Ok, so now I know who to ask for my installation headaches! Oh wait, I dont know how to install! I'm probably the idiot u're talking about in ur post (in the end!)! Hehehe.. just kidding...

The look and feel seems awesome from the snap u've put up!

Sneha said...

1. the famous K2 template! great. i must say that it's a LOTTTT easier on the eyes than the previous blue background :D

2. LINUX. i have NEVER used it! so no comments. in any case, 99% of that post was french to me :) only the postscripts were meaningful to me lol

3. M'zoft hater, are you!?!

Sneha said...

btw, my exams got over yesterday. they took more than a MONTH!!!!!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@1: yup.. i felt it too!
@2: try out linux sometime.. get a "knoppix' cd, which will run from the CD without any installation.
@3: hm.. not that I luv windows less, but that i luv linux more!

StandbyMind said...

Man..i ve been plannin to do this for long..lucky yaaa:)