Summer update

Well, its been a long time since I blogged anything... a few things have changed, as you can see. First of all, the old logo (or rather 'profile pic') of dear ol' Calvin smiling away has gone and in the place is what has been one of my favourite logos for sometime now. Then the stupid old template has made its exit for good (of which I have already spoken)

Summer has begun, and in a big way. Two more suns have been transferred to kerala from Godknowswhere and are working at their full potential. A single minute of walking or even standing outside the house leaves any bushman sweating his bum off. The sea nearby tries its best to get hings worse than ever by making the blessed atmosphere more sultry than ever. The hot afternons return to plague me during exam time. One fat book, a pillow and some nice breeze (all of within easy reach) are all it takes to drop me into the hands of omnipresent sleep. After a few minutes of sitting upright with the book on my lap, feeling uncomfortable, I snuggle down a bit to bring my neck against the pillow... a few minutes - pillow is under the head... then the magic of sleep, with a fat "Organic Chemistry" monster on my tummy. (I made up my mind to really study Chemistry somehow now...hehe)

Such is life...

Oh, and the Fotopic guys (bastards) suspended both my accounts(one is the railway pics site and other one is non-train pics :). I immediately removed the latter account and requested them to reinstate the former one(Gosh i cant afford to lose that!)... no reply. After a few morte similar mails, I had enough of them. Rohit told me that it was of no use pleading to them. So I made yet another account, transferred my existing gallery to it and deleted the old account. So there! (you might as well check the latest album out... featuring some of my artwork!) I started a gallery in Flickr for my general phtography... chk it out too

On the tech side, I got my hand on Kubuntu (6.06) and plan to format my Os-partitions and install Linux and windoze again... after the exams :(

All these plans dawn on my when I'm studying for something and don't have the time to carry them out... damn!


The Blue Indian said...

It seems these days there is a Mass Production of suns going on! A couple of them have also descended here on Mumbai :(

Sidhusaaheb said...

What's with 'the messenger of death' as the profile pic?

I am going to miss Calvin!

My younger brother also used to fall asleep, whenever he tried to read his text-books, irrespective of the season.


Protegeoflife said...

Its horrible and seems all sons of entire galxy and nearby galaxies have descended ghere its taboo to wlk out and bro well just simple language and excellent post well written

StandbyMind said...

hey ya have a nice blog man...11th man...Organic was ma fav...(btw fav doesnt mean i gat any good marks)

Lol..prep fa enginn entrances.?

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@ Blue man: Hope they roll ou the WAP7s and DP4s like they do the suns...

@Sidhusaaheb: ah... I guess it was time for calvin to make an exit!

@Protegeoflife: Thanx man

@StandbyMind: Dunno y, but i hate organic.. hehe... and yeah, m preparing for engg entrance