The void that DP left

Yes, I have not updated this bloomin' blog for sometime now. Henceforth, the fortnightly-once frequency(or less) only may be expected.

Twelfth standard in Loyola was the epitome of a fun-filled-cum-studious year(leaning towards the latter towasrds the end of the year). The height of it all, Lafest. (For those who dont know, Lafest is the interschool cultural festival held every year by the 12th boys, hosted and managed completely by themselves(I repeat, completely) ). And the driving force between it all... the one woman bhind all the success - right from the first year - the one and only DP. DP was our dear ol' English teacher (known to others as Mrs. Deepa Pillai).

Expecting the first day of 12th itself to be filled with discussions on Lafest and stuff is no sin. It never was different... until this year. One or two days before the reopening, the sad news had spread like wildfire. DP was leaving... or rather, had left. It struck us like a thunderbolt, leaving no one unshaken.

Everyone roamed around the class on the first day mourning the loss. We had a new English teacher, a guy new to the school and to the ISC syllabus altogether. Everone sat hushed up in their seats like in a funeral house. It was all very different and strange. What had, for more than a decade, been cheerful and lively, was dead and gloomy. In all, a horribly tragic fog enveloped everyone, who was invariably comparing their fate to the luck of the last batch (who were the last ones to hold Lafest under DP). Everyone was dejected. Openenig the poetry book and Macbeth, we felt like looking at the possessions of a person who had just passed away. For, DP was as natural a part of us and her subject as the sun is of the solar system. It was all very sudden and unexpected. If I sound abrupt or repetitive here, it's because I'm obviously afffected, as is everyone.

DP has left a huge void in the school. Ashok(an alumnus) has written how she was an integral part of everything and everyone... damn it's not possible to describe her in words. Read what he wrote here. Be it her democracy or not(for mine own part, I dont like the D-word), she was, is, and will be the best teacher we ever had in Loyola. The lady who painfully organised memorable farewells for her colleagues had no fitting farewell. The ultimate gift we the Boys of O-Zero-Eight(BoOZE) would like to give her is the opportunity to sit back and watch the whole of Lafest this year, something she had never done before, and relish the sucess of the tradition she started years ago, braving everything that came in her way.


Anonymous said...

Ah well,
you have the right to be jealous:D thanks
nice post... dont beat ashoks blog though heh
keep writing
and boy.. mind the spelling mistakes
either your bad at spelling
or your typing sucks.
anyway.. keep writing. im a reader of yours..

Macabreday said...

lol..i remember the very first LA-Fest...i did take part :)
and hey...who is ur principal now? is it Fr. M.K George? or is he the principal of the college?

TC said...

So the new english teacher has alraedy taken charge huh?!!Feeling bit bad for u guys :( Nyway change is inevitable,take LaFEst to newer heights n make DP proud :)Good Blog!
-Thariyan Chacko(98ISCbatch)

Unknown said...

Somehow, English teachers were my favourites too, throughout school and college. It was probably because I usually did much worse at all other subjects in the exams!


Sriram said...

@quibbler: i DONT intend to beat Ashok's blog dude.. I wanted to say how it was for us. And, yeah , my typing sucks at good speed.

@Mac: Man, you're THAT old? :p hehe.. we have seen many principals since then.. latest is seven years and sitting :)

@Ta Ryan; Thanks man.. drop in often!

@Sidhusaaheb: exactly, its the teacher and not the subject that matters to a great extent.

hollowmaniac said...

truly said friend....truly said.

hollowmaniac said...

PS: my blog id changed...chk it out..