Dedicated to the one year everyone remembers: Twelfth standard in school

I trudge home, a weary novice
Footprints of yore get tramped on
And a dull light clouds the face
Masking identity, merging with the common

Seeing no specific destination, none -
The stars that lead the way are many...
Hypocrites. The truth clouds the sun
Into an infinite nothingness.

Everyday dawns anew, true
Yet follows the previous gravity -
Into what seems even more new
Yet reeks of familiarity.

Life, indeed. Youth, a mockery.
Wasting precious years in building
Plans to an invisible, seemingly merry
Afterlife... like chasing

The golden star.

For, everyone has changed. The world
Now sings a different tune,
And the dancing changed... long ago:
Musicians don't know their scores.

Life that ruled a year ago -
Was. Life that drags its sore load now
Is not. Yet, one clutches hope
Close to the heart and toils.

Caught in a world of familiar strangers
Fighting people I myself do not know
Nor bear any grudge whatever.
All towards an illusive goal...

Come together friends and encore
Before time changes all of us
Into sheer memories of yore
Corrupting the building mind thus.

For, in a year, you go your way
And I mine... ‘Tween the two,
Fate and future do destiny lay.
Till by providence they cross... to continue.

Malicious memory touches us so that
We remember th' times we cried,
And laugh; but recalling a laughing instant
Brings out a tear and a sigh.

When the mists are gone and the sky clear,
The storm has slept and thunder mute
Let the hands of God land me in a place dear
The times good and the future suite.


Sidhusaaheb said...


Urgu said...

Just when you begin a sentence with something good you immediately "kondu tholachu!" at the end of it. stanzas 7 and 9 are beautiful; very rhythmic. Rest of the poem seems construed and laborious.

Nitin SJ said...

ha...niyum thudangiyo....


The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@Sidhusaaheb: :D

@urgu: I know. i havent done this the way i shud.. and i dont feel very good abt it either

@Nitin: ahem..

The Smokin' WDM2 said...
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Nitin SJ said...

all is good...but still




njan karayano atho chirikkano??

Anonymous said...

Appearances sure are deceptive...
Honestly,I thought all you can do is eat physics,drink chemistry and think mathematics...
Keep up the good work...

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@Anon: Just who are you, mister/missy? I pity someone who doesn't even have the guts or civility to tell me something as simple as what you have written