Winter Update (whew)

Bah winter... what winter? It's as maritime as it gets. The same cool morning, the bloomin' heat towards noon, the glowing radiation in the afternoon and the warm evening - It never changes. But a lot of things have.

Twelfth standard in school is drawing to a close... as are my days in school - the place where I spent thirteen best years of my life. But things have changed since Lafest got over... we were thrown into the 'study' gear (something which was done rarely till now) and that changed everything. Holidays were boring before, now I look forward to it whenever the hint of one comes round the corner. Bunking classes to study at home was blasphemy, or rather, something never thought-of before. The fun element has gone out of what was fun before. Good teachers are leaving one by one... hardly anyone will be there to recognise us once we pass out and come back after some years.

But the school campus.. its birds, innumerable trees and its atmosphere is here forever. Enveloping us, from the time we longed for home in UKG, to the time we stayed back at nights for School day or Lafest, the feel I get in a campus is more than that of home.
All that is drawing to an end.

On a very different beat, (try not to laugh at the absurdness) yesterday afternoon I happened to glance down onto the tracks from the road bridge that passes over the railway station. It should have been past noon and is the time one can see atleast ten to twelve locos resting, awaiting duties in the evening. One look and I was shocked. What had been a feast of diesels and a few electrics from all over south India, had now changed to just electrics from Erode and Arakkonam sheds. A lone diesel hid behind one of them. The variety was lost forever. the idling chugg-chug-chugga-chugga was lost... trivandrum central has become just another station like Chennai, with just WAP4s and WAM4s. Everything has changed.

(It's been a looong time since I ever did any railfanning. I miss the sound and smoke of the diesels and the gleaming red shine of the WAP4s. But all that has to wait... a few months more.

This is most probably gonna be my last post while I remain a student of Loyola, Trivandrum. After that God knows what's in store. So, Au revoir alma mater.

And au revoir Trivandrum too? God knows.