Metastable equilibrium

Something has really happened to me. I suddenly had that wonderful idea to switch to wordpress, and spent the whole day today creating new tags, editing the template as best as I could. Till I heard that WP didnt allow you to upload a new template via ftp. It allowed that only for users who hosted their blog on their private domain an used the WP interface. Damn.

Sidhusaaheb, thanks for telling me before it was too late :)

So now it's back to good ol' blogger again :) First thing, I set myself upon changing the font(of the header, etc) manually via the xml script (took some time though). The supposedly user-friendly interface of blogger that allows you to do this through a javascript-version just allowed me to click at various buttons to change the font and colour, but with no effect on the site whatsoever. So manual it was and I got my hands dirty... but the header looks pleasing now, in a sans serif font rather than the ugly serif one earlier.

So blogger it is... and blogger it will be, I hope. I'm trusting my mind less and less now.