Summer siesta

Two days into freedom... the summer sun is beating as hard as he can. No signs of rain yet.

Rain in May???

Ha.. welcome to Kerala. The most successful attempt (so far) at predicting the weather here ended up in the unfortunate person hanging himself unable to bear the shame of defeat. In other countries, England for example, the weather was always a subject to start with. A nice try here would run something as follows:

Person 1: (looking at the sky)...(flinches at the blinding sun) hm...
Person 2: (ignores)
P1: (at P2) ahem?
P2:  *silence*
P 1: (to himself) sad... he looks so manly to be deaf.
P2: What did u say?

P1: Nothing....*sweats* rather hot day, isnt it?
P2: (looks up at the cloudy sky) I think it's going to rain.
P1: So it is.

*crash* *rumble*

P1: My.. it looks too dark for 2 in the afternoon!
p2: I havent got an umbrella.. have you?
P1: Yeah, it's-


Prologue: P1 and P2  are forced to part ways and run helter skelter, while the sky above pours for all its worth.

There seems to be a perpetual 'rotation' in duty among the rain and the blessed sun. In one of those rare times when it shines brightly all the way from Monday to Sunday morning, if you listen hard at Sunday afternoon, you can almost hear the profanity from the clouds above. All of a sudden, it becomes dark as 6pm and the sky opens up, pouring out all its fury against the sun having enjoyed 'overtime'. and once it starts raining... ahh! All you can see is green and black when you look out the window (the former being the trees and the latter being their trunks).

It's been bright for over a wekk now. My chief pastime now is staying inside and laughing at people passing by on the road, imagining what a shock they would receive when drenched in an all-overwhelming fury of a summer shower. (I safely ignore the fact that I have to laugh at myself at the end of each hot day).

I finally have the afternoons to myself. From one o'clock in the afternoon, a strong breeze comes in from the west side(which ends in the sea a few kms off) and runs through the whole house. A strange, yet lovely smoky smell rises from somewhere, which reminds me of the sun beating on rain-dampened roof-tiles after monsoon. The traffic on the road in front ceases and the air becomes still, save the occasional call from the cukoo or the faraway horn of a passing train :)
How easy it is when the mind is free!

No wonder it's the same with the famous six-year old and his furry friend...
Calvin and Hobbes



Sidhusaaheb said...

To me, the call of the cuckoo sounds like that of a vehicle that some one is attempting to start up, but fails to do so even after repeated attempts.


Niranjani said...

a typical weather forecast in ireland goes like this..

sunny for most part of the day, with a fresh chilly wind blowing, scattered showers expected , could be cloudy for some part of the day .temperatures would range from 10 to 14 deg Cel.

well this almost sounded like the weather forecast for the four seasons when i first heard it..but this is actually a single day's weather.And whatever part of the forecast is wrong the RAIN never fails the met dept.it is the omnipresent and the omnipotent!!!

and yes ..every conversation here begins and ends and sometimes is only about the weather.It would start with " its a great/sunny/wonderful day isn't it" and you have to agree immediately and change the topic else they would go on and on about this!!! It would end with " I hope it stays like this today !!! knowing so very well that it is just not possible... and the only good thing about the rain so far has been that it never holds on for more than 2 mins.

now..you can see how much i've started talking about the weather!!!

silverine said...

Thank you for dropping by! Loved the way you described the afternoon! :)

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@sidhusaaheb: LOL never thought of it that way!

@niranjani: God.. urs really looks like it's for a year! And about the rain, I have noticed here in the papers - "Rain likely in Kerala" - is repeated everyday without fail. But whether it comes or not is nobody's problem. Quite opposite to your description, once it starts, it never lasts for less than an hour.

@silverine: You're welcome.. thanks in return :)

g-man said...

heh heh, you know something better? havin a coupla beers and walking in the rain :)

n i t i n said...

I kinda went down the same road...

but ended up myself in the rain...
now at home, controlling the flow of whatever thats coming out of my noses...damn!! sheesh!!

well...you know what I'll comment of your writing style...has been your fan since 5th grade..!!!oh sorry!! secret's out!! damn!!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@g-man: hm... you're wiser ;)
@nitin: ewww... *snorrt*

Merlz said...

Rain + Smell of soil + mulakku bajji = :)