Stack Error: Core dumped

0600 hrs: Wake up, toss and turn over to the other side. Continue sleeping.
1000 hrs: Wake up, get out of the bed and switch on the bloody box. Head over for a leak.

10 mins later(time t=0): 'Microsoft Windows XP professional' (whee)
t=10 mins: 'One of your disks needs to be checked for fidelity. *gasp* It's really not necessary, but it's strongly recommended that you head over to the fridge, have a couple of drinks and come back after an hour.'

t=65 mins: *hic*
t=70: 'welcome'
t=75: *Startup sound plays*
t=80: 'It's now safe to start using windows' (yipee)

t=81: 'explorer.exe not responding... rundll32.exe has been called in to tackle the situation. DO NOT PANIC'
t=82: 'Starting CPR...'
t=83: &#$&$@#
t=84: 'Rundll32.exe has performed an illegal operation(killed explorer.exe) and will be terminated'
t=90: 'terminator.exe not responding. Back up'

*I run to the door*

t=91: 'User need not panic. Previous System Message(tm) meant "save a copy of all essential files so that they can be used later"
t=92: 'terminator.exe will be back... please stand by'
t=100: 'the_messiah.exe executing...cleaning up errors'
t=101: 'warning: BG will not be responsible for anything that happens on this system(tm) running Microsoft (tm) Windows (R) xp Professional(c).'

t=102: 'System recovery successful. You may now continue using this computer. Do not attempt any hard tasks on your computer for two days. System still in Microsoft ICU (tm).'
t=103: 'Your mouse has moved. Microsoft (tm) Windows (R) xp Professional(c) must be restarted for the changes to take effect. Restarting...'

*sigh* All because I have no broadband transfer left to download linux.

(After certain dire threats misgivings between Tushar(aka Mudd) and me, I hereby proclaim that the screenshot posted above was lifted off uncyclopedia.org. But that was because Printscreen didnt work for me(windoze hung like a ..um..convict) when MY computer was displaying a similar instance.)


g-man said...

hm, i've got the gutsy cd with me if you want...

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@g-man: thanks, but i have it too... :D But I'm waiting to upgrade this six-yr old dabba this week.

silverine said...

"Am I gonna get jailed on a false charge of plagiarism?"


lol!! Sounds familiar...I mean the exp, but now I have genuine Windows and no problems at all!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Let there be peace in the world!


n i t i n said...

ahem.....bravo! ...my brother....bravo!

order the new kubuntu or something man...its SSWWWEEEETTTT!!!!
(PS: i know you were planning to do it, but just said it out loud so everyone can hear...)

and who the fuck wants windows, bill gatter and his microshaft sucls ass....big time!

Mudd said...

You bastard. You are ripping Uncyclopedia off....

As an offical editor I must call the cops and have them trace me down via the amazing technology of Caller-ID for pissing them off.....


The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@silverine: genuine windows! my.. first time I'm coming across your kind :)

@nitin: infact, i've already planned my upgrade... waiting!

@mudd: ok.. the picture. fine.