Top M$ jabs <> Top linux slogans

Sometimes, certain situations (like my earlier post)really support the fact --> never trust anyone called Gates, who sells you W!ndow$.
After reading Hari-chettan's recent post, here is something to.. um...inspire(!) you further!

www.humorix.org has some splendid slogans dug from across the world. A few of my favourites:

#  A computer without W!ndow$ is like a fish without a bicycle
#  Scared of speed? If so, then try W!ndow$.
#  W!ndow$ and DOS -- a turtle and it's shell (<-- shell.. got it?)
#  The word "W!ndow$" is a word out of an old dialect of the Apaches. It means: "White man staring through glass-screen onto an hourglass..."

#  Bugs come in through open W!ndow$.
#  I still miss W!ndow$, but my aim is getting better. 
#  Hiroshima '45...Tschernobyl '86...W!ndow$ '95... W!ndow$ '98...
#  A fool and his money are soon using W!ndow$.
#  W!ndow$ is a pane in the ASCII ;)
#  M!cro$oft broke Volkswagen's world record: Volkswagen only made 22 million bugs!

#  I once heard B!ll Gate$ say, "WHAT?!?! Netscape caused an 'invalid page fault'??! Only M!cro$oft programs have the code to do that!"

#  W!ndow$ found - Remove? (Y)es (S)ure (F)ine (O)K (G)reat!
#  Two computer people discussing those old stories about B!ll Gate$' name adding up to 666 in ASCII:
"I hear that if you play the NT 4.0 CD backwards, you get a satanic
"...That's nothing. If you play it forward, it installs NT 4.0!"

#  To segfault is human; to bluescreen moronic.
#  Why use W!ndow$, when linux gives you the whole house?
#  The best W!ndow$ accelerator is that which works at 9.8 m/s2!
#  Computers are like air conditioners, dont open Windows if you want them to work properly.

#  M!cro$oft should switch to vacuum cleaner business, where people actually want their products to suck ;)

To finish it off, "The box said, works with W!ndow$ Vista or better... so I installed linux!"

1) N just saw his Vista Ultimate display a BSOD! HA!
2) Thanks to tuxmachines.org, the traffic to this blog skyrocketed since yesterday night, with visits from Europe and the US outnumbering those from India :D
3) Wohoo! Most number of comments :)


Sidhusaaheb said...


ഞാന്‍ said...

"Throw Windows Out of your Computer OR throw your computer Out of your Windows" - RMS (licensed with GPLv3 ;) )

Sriram said...

@sidhusaaheb: :)

@ ഞാന്: hehe... good one! Thanks for dropping by :)

Hari Shanker said...


My fav:
# Micro$oft should switch to vacuum cleaner business, where people actually want their products to suck ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are the best!

mattiz said...

IBM = I Blame Microsoft :)

Macabreday said...

lol..this is not ur first anti windows post, if i remember correctly :)
but me being a non tech kinda guy, never bothered tryin anything other than windows. ive had plenty of trouble with vista though, n now wish i just had XP

Sriram said...

@hari: Yup, I too liked it a lot... so much that I even typed it as sample input for a c++ program (computer project), printed it and submitted it! That project was full of OpenSource propaganda :)

@matt: Thanks.. so u came in from tuxmachines.org? Golly, I WAS surprised when I saw my post at the front page last night!

@mattiz: Yup.. :) those old wars between them!

@mac(wow.. matt, mattiz, mac!): ive had plenty of trouble with vista though, n now wish i just had XP--> lol.. xp is the best windows till date :D

g-man said...

ah, i recall i once dissed vista in a story i wrote. you can read it here if you're interested :)

"turtle and its shell" rofl! loved the hiroshima joke as well :) nice collection man. i still remember when all the computers in the loyola school lab had windows NT in them. i thought i was living in hell!

g-man said...

o, and there's this joke i think you might like

hubby to his wife: bring me a cup of coffee will ya hon?
wife: go get it yourself
hubby: sudo get me a cup of coffee
wife: ok i'll go fix it up right now

Anonymous said...

off topic....

try this in your gnu/linux shell

man woman

and see the results... ;)

(source: Linux community in Orkut)

Sriram said...

@ g-man: My God.. I still remember that retarded OS! The year was two thousand-something, but the GUI resembled '95... all hail Shijo sir for such innovation :)
And I've read that post of urs.. cool one!
sudo indeed.. hehe :D

@ pR@tz: yeah, man-pages... "no manual entry for women"

Anonymous said...

good one man...:D

Anonymous said...

My favourite:
"GNU+Linux is like a wigwam: no windows, no gates and an apache inside."

Sriram said...

@nitin: Pleasure :)
@anon: hehe, thats a new one :D

Chris Lees said...

I heard that second-last one as "The first time Microsoft makes a product that doesn't suck, it will be a vaccum cleaner"

Sriram said...

@chris: Wow.. that sounds better!

DAY said...

"How can you see the whole Real world through Micro and $oft Windows?"

I always ask others this question? ;-)

Vrij said...


Sriram said...

@day: gee, this is everyone's day!
@vrij: :D Thanks for dropping by! Are you a linux user too?

Hari Shanker said...

"Thanks to tuxmachines.org, the traffic to this blog skyrocketed since yesterday night, "
Guess what, even I got a share of those 'visits'! :-)

Sriram said...

@hari: Yeah I know.. the link! Wow... and this becomes the most commented-upon-post!

silverine said...

@Sriram: Absolutely LOL stuff! I love MS jokes! :)

I used to think that the whole world uses Firefox. Then I saw the Browser stats in my Stacounter and was surprised to see that almost 90% of visitors use IE!! Firefox was a distant second with 25%. And nearly 99% users used Windows! Surprising!!

But bring on the jokes. I am ready and willing to laugh at MS! :)

Sriram said...

The whole world uses Firefox Nothing short of browser-blasphemy! I (and millions of others) use an awesome browser called Opera on another mind-blowing, revolutionary piece of technology called Linux ;)

silverine said...
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silverine said...

Yep...but Firefox comes second in percentage of users. There are no thirds. Opera doesn't even make the grade!

Reg OS, 99% users use Windows. Linux comes a distant 7. The rest i.e 2nd to 6th rank goes to variants of Windows! I can give you a screen shot of the stats if you want! btw I am neither pro or anti MS. I will use the product that is best, as a good ol selfish consumer ;)

Sriram said...

@silverine: Opera doesn't even make the grade! Rare and privileged users.. :D One can only pity the people stuck on IE, their doors wide open to trojans, worms, spybots, viruses(why not 'virii', btw?)...

I will use the product that is best, as a good ol selfish consumer ;): There seems to be a little conflict here... Even I usethe best product, you know ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I came here again (unknowingly) through Google :)