What's with eight?

This would give you an idea of my situation... Of course poor Calvin was never so explicit, but that is just another case of photoshop-ing ;)

I picked this tag from g-man It revolves around the magic of the number eight, while seeming to be the usual unassuming tag.

8 things I'm passionate about:
# Music --> Ma says I used to ask her to sing to me evey night to lull me to sleep. My bond with music grew when I started playing the violin at eight years(another eight, eh?)... later I taught myself the keyboard and the drums(thanks to the freedom I enjoyed at our beloved school's music room!). Today I can't live without my mp3 player, be it heavy metal, A R Rahman(To this day that no one can handle instruments like him), or even certain Hindustani and Sufi melodies.

# The internet --> I get up and check mail and the blogs even before brushing my teeth. And cant the BSNL guys please provide more data transfer besides the measly 1GB a month?

# My computer --> Follows from the above. I love tweaking my box all the time!

# Reading --> I go mad if I cant read something a day. I have probably talked more in English than in Malayalam or Tamil (or hindi, obviously). I cant/dont express my emotions in the last three, simply because I never actually have!

# Cars, bikes, jet planes, and of course TRAINS! --> Well we are boys and we love our beasts >:)

# Travelling --> By rail preferred :)

# Photography --> Follows the previous passion. As of now, I have a humble Powershot A410 (Canon rulz!) which I have been using for two years to get some work done.

# My ideals --> Nobody tells me what to do.. they may only give suggestions if they are that desperate. If I dont wanna talk, I dont. Go jump off the nearest cliff if you are offended.

8 things I wanna do before I die
# Footplate a diesel locomotive (though it looks like I'll be doing this soon!)
# Drive a 'pandi' lorry, complete with the experience of being clad in a lungi-banian and on a full load of local brewed toddy.
# Ride a screaming Y2K turbine Superbike!
# Own a Royal Enfield Bullet - I LOVE that machine!
# Get a job I love and get rich.
# Build my own Beowulf cluster at home >:)
# Learn to hack using the infinite capabilities of the linux/unix terminal.
# Play the drums for Metallica, Maiden or any such metal band at one of their live concerts...*sigh*

...or did it mean 8 PEOPLE I wanna do ;)

8 things I say often
# Dammit
# What the F!!k
# I dont give a f!!k/damn.
# Yeah
# (placeholder for more)

8 books I read recently
# Black wind - Clive and Dirk Cussler
# The Blood Dimmed tide - Rennie Airth
# Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
# Blood Memory - Greg Iles
# Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie
# Midnights' Children - Salman Rushdie
# The Broker - John Grisham
# The great Railway Bazaar - Paul Theroux (stopped this midway since it was boring)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again
# Wherever I may roam - Symphony & Metallica
# Rime of the ancient mariner - Iron maiden (yeah, they're poets too!)
# Instrumedley - Dream Theatre (WTF! How the hell did they remember all the bits and pieces in this medley)
# Ache Zu Ache - Rammstein! (For best results, listen to it at full volume while inside an aircraft, precisely during takeoff - I've done this and it's mind-blowing)
# Leja Leja Re - Shreya Ghoshal (What a voice! The BEST female voice ever to sing on earth)
# My Immortal - Evanescence
# Maula Mere Maula - from 'Anwar'
# Any A R Rahman title with splendid instrumentals

8 people I think should do this tag
Heck, I dont think eight people read my blog! So I too adopt the g-man way --> Pick this and do the tag if you've read this!


Sidhusaaheb said...
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Sidhusaaheb said...

I guess you and I share our interest in things that run on wheels or fly in the air, besides travel and photography.

I access the internet after finishing brushing my teeth, generally, however.


Vrij said...

Good list yaar.. so when r u gonna do the FP?? Do let us know when and where..

Hari Shanker said...

Excellent and eclectic list!

"# The internet --> I get up and check mail and the blogs even before brushing my teeth. And cant the BSNL guys please provide more data transfer besides the measly 1GB a month?"
So, we're in the same league. Well, there's one thing you can do. Change plans! Try the 500 combo thingy. At 500 bucks a month (for both phone & broadband) you get 1.5 Gigs of download plus 2-8 unlimited. Not to mention the 175-odd free calls! I'm changing over to that this month. You too better follow suit... :-)

"# Photography --> Follows the previous passion. As of now, I have a humble Powershot A410 (Canon rulz!) which I have been using for two years to get some work done."
Another similarity. And dude... you're skills are awesome! I simply love your angles (pun unintented!) Sigh, wish my cam was in working condition!! :-(

Keep writing/blogging!

Sriram said...

@sidhusaaheb: Yeah, we are men!

@vrij: Yeah sure... I'll have a write up here :)

@hari: Yeah I've also been thinkin about that... will change soon. And thanks fellow photographer, for the words of encouragement :D

g-man said...

^5 at all of the things you're passionate about (except photography)

pandi lorry? really? wonderful!!!

woohoo @ the beowulf cluster. i'd like to do the same.

liked blood memory? i thot it was amazing!

Sriram said...

@g-man: ^5 back! And lets build the Beowulf Cluster together, shall we?
I found Blood memory interesting too... but man, read Black Wind.. its bloody awesome!

Solitaire said...

I am lucky to be the 8th commenter!


8 is my lucky number too!
This means that you will find true love in the next 8 days.

rantravereflect/ jane said...

8 PEOPLE ya wanna doooo.. haaaaaa.. maybe ya shougld do tat tag man ;)

so ya play the violin the kb n the drums- wowieeeeeeee..

n loved the calvin n hobbes strip-- was real good :) heeeeeee

so are a mallu in chennai?

canon rulz or des sharapova?;0
heeee well dun tag man.. :) keep the smile :)

g-man said...

cussler eh? will definitely read...

about the cluster, sure man, anytime :) we do have to learn kernel programming though, don't we?

Sriram said...

@solitaire: wow :p

@jane: maybe ya shougld do tat tag man ;) lol.. definitely, later ;)
so are a mallu in chennai? Where did u get that idea from? I'm a Tambrahm in Trivandrum!
canon rulz or des sharapova?
Naah.. I bought my cam way before that b!tch started endorsing it :D

@g-man: Yeah man.. I am trying to learn some kernel stuff right now :) Not kernel programming, but shell scripts and stuff.. vera oru paniyum illa.. so there!

Solitaire said...

Hey Sriram,

I put your question up on Short and Sweet today.

Please do come and respond to people as comments start coming in.


Anonymous said...

nice one man...I see you see what you see... :|


better late than never..

you just tagged me in bro....