What's with eight?

This would give you an idea of my situation... Of course poor Calvin was never so explicit, but that is just another case of photoshop-ing ;)

I picked this tag from g-man It revolves around the magic of the number eight, while seeming to be the usual unassuming tag.

8 things I'm passionate about:
# Music --> Ma says I used to ask her to sing to me evey night to lull me to sleep. My bond with music grew when I started playing the violin at eight years(another eight, eh?)... later I taught myself the keyboard and the drums(thanks to the freedom I enjoyed at our beloved school's music room!). Today I can't live without my mp3 player, be it heavy metal, A R Rahman(To this day that no one can handle instruments like him), or even certain Hindustani and Sufi melodies.

# The internet --> I get up and check mail and the blogs even before brushing my teeth. And cant the BSNL guys please provide more data transfer besides the measly 1GB a month?

# My computer --> Follows from the above. I love tweaking my box all the time!

# Reading --> I go mad if I cant read something a day. I have probably talked more in English than in Malayalam or Tamil (or hindi, obviously). I cant/dont express my emotions in the last three, simply because I never actually have!

# Cars, bikes, jet planes, and of course TRAINS! --> Well we are boys and we love our beasts >:)

# Travelling --> By rail preferred :)

# Photography --> Follows the previous passion. As of now, I have a humble Powershot A410 (Canon rulz!) which I have been using for two years to get some work done.

# My ideals --> Nobody tells me what to do.. they may only give suggestions if they are that desperate. If I dont wanna talk, I dont. Go jump off the nearest cliff if you are offended.

8 things I wanna do before I die
# Footplate a diesel locomotive (though it looks like I'll be doing this soon!)
# Drive a 'pandi' lorry, complete with the experience of being clad in a lungi-banian and on a full load of local brewed toddy.
# Ride a screaming Y2K turbine Superbike!
# Own a Royal Enfield Bullet - I LOVE that machine!
# Get a job I love and get rich.
# Build my own Beowulf cluster at home >:)
# Learn to hack using the infinite capabilities of the linux/unix terminal.
# Play the drums for Metallica, Maiden or any such metal band at one of their live concerts...*sigh*

...or did it mean 8 PEOPLE I wanna do ;)

8 things I say often
# Dammit
# What the F!!k
# I dont give a f!!k/damn.
# Yeah
# (placeholder for more)

8 books I read recently
# Black wind - Clive and Dirk Cussler
# The Blood Dimmed tide - Rennie Airth
# Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
# Blood Memory - Greg Iles
# Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie
# Midnights' Children - Salman Rushdie
# The Broker - John Grisham
# The great Railway Bazaar - Paul Theroux (stopped this midway since it was boring)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again
# Wherever I may roam - Symphony & Metallica
# Rime of the ancient mariner - Iron maiden (yeah, they're poets too!)
# Instrumedley - Dream Theatre (WTF! How the hell did they remember all the bits and pieces in this medley)
# Ache Zu Ache - Rammstein! (For best results, listen to it at full volume while inside an aircraft, precisely during takeoff - I've done this and it's mind-blowing)
# Leja Leja Re - Shreya Ghoshal (What a voice! The BEST female voice ever to sing on earth)
# My Immortal - Evanescence
# Maula Mere Maula - from 'Anwar'
# Any A R Rahman title with splendid instrumentals

8 people I think should do this tag
Heck, I dont think eight people read my blog! So I too adopt the g-man way --> Pick this and do the tag if you've read this!


Sidhusaaheb said...
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Sidhusaaheb said...

I guess you and I share our interest in things that run on wheels or fly in the air, besides travel and photography.

I access the internet after finishing brushing my teeth, generally, however.


Vrij said...

Good list yaar.. so when r u gonna do the FP?? Do let us know when and where..

Hari Shanker said...

Excellent and eclectic list!

"# The internet --> I get up and check mail and the blogs even before brushing my teeth. And cant the BSNL guys please provide more data transfer besides the measly 1GB a month?"
So, we're in the same league. Well, there's one thing you can do. Change plans! Try the 500 combo thingy. At 500 bucks a month (for both phone & broadband) you get 1.5 Gigs of download plus 2-8 unlimited. Not to mention the 175-odd free calls! I'm changing over to that this month. You too better follow suit... :-)

"# Photography --> Follows the previous passion. As of now, I have a humble Powershot A410 (Canon rulz!) which I have been using for two years to get some work done."
Another similarity. And dude... you're skills are awesome! I simply love your angles (pun unintented!) Sigh, wish my cam was in working condition!! :-(

Keep writing/blogging!

Sriram said...

@sidhusaaheb: Yeah, we are men!

@vrij: Yeah sure... I'll have a write up here :)

@hari: Yeah I've also been thinkin about that... will change soon. And thanks fellow photographer, for the words of encouragement :D

g-man said...

^5 at all of the things you're passionate about (except photography)

pandi lorry? really? wonderful!!!

woohoo @ the beowulf cluster. i'd like to do the same.

liked blood memory? i thot it was amazing!

Sriram said...

@g-man: ^5 back! And lets build the Beowulf Cluster together, shall we?
I found Blood memory interesting too... but man, read Black Wind.. its bloody awesome!

Solitaire said...

I am lucky to be the 8th commenter!


8 is my lucky number too!
This means that you will find true love in the next 8 days.

rantravereflect/ jane said...

8 PEOPLE ya wanna doooo.. haaaaaa.. maybe ya shougld do tat tag man ;)

so ya play the violin the kb n the drums- wowieeeeeeee..

n loved the calvin n hobbes strip-- was real good :) heeeeeee

so are a mallu in chennai?

canon rulz or des sharapova?;0
heeee well dun tag man.. :) keep the smile :)

g-man said...

cussler eh? will definitely read...

about the cluster, sure man, anytime :) we do have to learn kernel programming though, don't we?

Sriram said...

@solitaire: wow :p

@jane: maybe ya shougld do tat tag man ;) lol.. definitely, later ;)
so are a mallu in chennai? Where did u get that idea from? I'm a Tambrahm in Trivandrum!
canon rulz or des sharapova?
Naah.. I bought my cam way before that b!tch started endorsing it :D

@g-man: Yeah man.. I am trying to learn some kernel stuff right now :) Not kernel programming, but shell scripts and stuff.. vera oru paniyum illa.. so there!

Solitaire said...

Hey Sriram,

I put your question up on Short and Sweet today.

Please do come and respond to people as comments start coming in.


n i t i n said...

nice one man...I see you see what you see... :|


better late than never..

you just tagged me in bro....