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Looking back at the archives, the ever evaded question popped up again --> Why do I blog? WHY? Possible reasons for anyone to blog could be:

Pic copyright ogrecave.com1. For a living? That's definitely not the case here. I waste precious bandwidth everyday posting, checking for and replying to comments, and reading others' blogs... and no bloody soul pays me a paisa for this.

2. Because one is a self-obsessed, pompous bitch seeking fame and power, and striving to do so by blogging on abstract topics like 'magnanimity towards saucepans' and 'how to effectively pee against the hailstorm'? ? This statement requires a thorough dissection for anyone to understand it fully. Please close all other windows/tabs and devote your complete attention to the following reasoning:
Well, there isn't anything much to say you fool.. The fact being, the above statement doesn't apply (in its entirety) to me.

3. Making a point about anything? You got me waaay off there. I havent made the slightest point about anything in this piece of crap that has been hogging space on Google's (may its tribe increase!) servers since July 06. Well the point is.. oops! forget I ever said that. Onto number 4!

4. ... (Since this reason itself doesn't exist, there is no reason for us to assume it means anything. --Ignore--)

5. Too lazy? What do u mean? Do you guys know how much of hard work it takes to climb the steep stairs up to my room, bend down to hit the power button, and type each key on the keyboard? Oh, and that heavy mouse..

6. ... (uh.. See reason 4)

(If you somehow managed to break out of the infinite loop from #4 to #6, I congratulate you on your very human ability to control your mind... move on)

7. Life? I refuse to comment on this reason because I dont understand what it means anyway. And then. whoever(if any) said blogging is life was probably dead when he said it.

8. To disillusion and disappoint poor guys searching for serious topics in google, who get directed here in hope and see cartloads of junk? Well I dont mean to do it to them anyway! If you're one of them, sorry buddy but that's how the world is :)

7. #Error... entry already exists, replace(y/n): y --> Replacing failed. Segmentation fault. Core dumped.#

Well I still don't know why the hell I blog. Reasonable topics I kinda have a hint why I blog, but as to crap like this I am in the dark about. In a serious tone however, the scribbles in the header image (Ravings of a blah blah..) would shed some light in the direction of my intention in blogging.
Finally, I seek to dis-crap this post and make it a tag :) All ye loyal readers, TAKE THIS AS A TAG and write a post on why you blog.

PS: The title may blend well into the theme of this post in general, but linux users can make out four commands in them. As someone said, linux is something you learn easily, but spend a lifetime trying to master. Hats off!

PPS: Pic courtesy "http://ogrecave.com/2001/04/29/complete-cavemans-club-book-preview" I dont know if doing this is right or wrong yet, but I'll make this statutory statement anyway :)


Solitaire said...

Its to let all those creative juices flow and not clog your brain and cause it to explode one day.

Hari said...

Aaah... Somehow, this blog has a direct relation to my GTalk status message:
"I think, therefore I blog!"

I still vividly remember your quip: "I don't think, but I blog!". :P

Anyways, blogging is sort-of an addiction for me! It's like, I lose my sleep if I don't post at least 5 posts a day. And most of my posts are arbit-crap like yours! :-)

I'll also blog about: "Why I blog" soon enough. Brace yourself! :D

Sriram said...

@solitaire: yeah.. definitely :)

@hari: Well to talk about it, I simply forgot about that status messge actually! Let's say I was disturbed by the thought that I had not blogged for a weekend and so cooked this up :p

Anonymous said...

hmm..you are going way above man..

good post..bro

Its a real hard tag..you know How my reasoning is.....will try to better..as if its gonna happen!!

so..why actually do I blog????

Sidhusaaheb said...

Never mind the how's and why's...Just keep burstin'!


Sriram said...

@n i t i n: ha.. join the club!

@sidhusaaheb: ^5!

thehippocraticoaf said...

oye bro......me 2 startd bloggin!..lol.....and me 2. . well i ll also try to put a post on "why i blog?"!!

Sriram said...

@vipin: Congrats on your first tag buddy!

Anonymous said...

man..your tag's complete...I feel so relieved!!

I feel so much better now, Thanks man..

keep tagging.... :)

Anonymous said...

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