Frivolous Feline?

Meet ubuntu. A couple of months old. Regular visits to my backyard, and its characteristic colour has earned this kitten the name of the widely poplar linux distro :)

Ubuntu is not alone. Its friends are... no, not Kubuntu or Xubuntu, but 'Jammu' and 'GMan'. Jammu - the thin, white kitten has a very ravishing appetite compared to ubuntu, and GMan(yeah, the pic looks rather like a painting, so I didn't crop it) is one hell of a frightened kitten, darting away at the slightest drop of a pin.

The liberty used in naming the above two kittens may be attributed to my kid-sister who no doubt compared Jammu's colour to snow in the actual place called Jammu, and the grey colour of the second one made way for "Gray man" and further shortened to GMan. (Sorry g-man the blogger, but I've had no part in the naming of these two). The mother's name is still pending.

My earliest memory of cats near me was a greyish striped tom which used to rule the places around my backyard(sort of). It wasn't exactly tame, but could put up with humans around it. As a kid in an urban environment, I was so fascinated to see an animal that was not a human and this even led me to write my first poem at eight (quite obviously titled, 'My cat'). Generations and generations have risen and fallen thence, but my fondest memory is of what may be called the grandma of these kittens, a black-white-tan blotched cat. She was hugely popular among local toms, and thus raised a lot of kittens in her life. One rather amusing encounter with those infants took place some years back. My sister, who sleeps along with my parents got frightened at some mysterious noises coming from the loft above her bedroom one particular night. It appeared to be coming from the TV's cardboard box, which was then empty and just kept up there among various other rubbish. There arose thuds and sounds of paper being ripped apart. We had decided that it was some big, fierce rat and I banged on it, trying to scare the creature out of it. At the first bang, the noise ceased. A little while later there arose a small, weak meeeew, which had all of us laughing! Whew... it was just a new member on the earth after all!
What I remember about that cat was that it was decent. Some days of encounter with cats will do justice to all those quotes and the first paragraph, about this animal on uncyclopedia. But this cat was way better. No upsetting the milk in the kitchen, no territorial-peeing, no running about inside the house without anyone seeing. Infact, many times have I been studying in my room, when this cat stopped at the door, gave a small meow as if to say "I wanna go through". Upon my giving a nod or not minding it, she walked through to the other side. After so many years of bringing up kittens and leading the feline family, one morning she was found dead by the side of the road. RIP you gentle creature...

Coming back to the present gang...it's noon and ubuntu is already bathing in the sun, and the kitten's brown hue exactly resembles the shade of brown used in the 7.04 version of Ubuntu - the Feisty Fawn (and thus the post title - Ubuntu 7.04 Frivolous Feline!). Jammu and GMan are busy trying to chase and kill a spider. Ubuntu looks up to my call and gives a faint meow as if to give the green signal to hit the publish button, while the terrified GMan runs for cover and a hungry Jammu goes back to hunting.


Sidhusaaheb said...

Here's wishing for lots and lots of happy times ahead for you and your four-legged friends!


Those of the two-legged variety can hardly respond to love and affection as self-lessly as they can, I believe.

Merlz said...

Really good read. As usual, it reminded me of something. In this case, my old cat. Called it Poochy. :D

But sadly, when I shifted my house, it didn't decide to shift with us. And since I have many pet dogs, the new local cats don't haunt my place :(.

You've got some really good photos there. :)

And we just have to leave it to you to go naming a cat ubuntu!

mattiz said...

We too had lots of fun naming the dogs and cats in our neighbourhood... Champa Devi, Mrs. Shivers, Brownie who soon became the more respectable Ronnie!!

Sriram said...

@sidhusaaheb: Thanks! And yes, they are selfless :)

@merlz: Poochy, eh? 'Insect' in tamil!
You've got some really good photos there. Gee thanks... you miht want to check out this link :D

@mattiz: Interesting names! Welcome back :)

Hari said...

Wow! Nice cats!! And awesome names too... G-Man's goanna get real pissed once he reads this! Why don't you forward this link to him? :P

And yeah, awesome narration. Dude, I must admit; you're getting better by the day!! I'm writing this comment after reading your post for the THIRD time! :-o

Rock on, buddy! :D

Hari said...

And yeah, nice pics too!! :)

Sriram said...

@hari: whoa.. thanks for the comments bro!
Actually, I think my best posts are the ones I wrote in 2006, but there was no one reading my blog at that time :(
And btw, where the heck is g-man? He said he'd be back by early august but there's no sign of him. I really miss reading his posts!

Anonymous said...


dude...you know something...

You, n only You, in the widely polluted n populated cruel world, can come up with stuff like this.

Rock on bro! \m/

PS:I always wanted a white tiger, by the way.

Sriram said...

@nitin: *bow* To accept such praise is to lower one's standards - Sherlock Holmes


KS said...

real interesting read!

Merlz said...

About Me:
Just another amateur shutterbug, going places and crazy about trains.
...That is one hell of an understatement man! Amateur? Raight.. :P

And Poochy..yeah...I know that. It can also mean doggie...you know...Pooch...Poochy? Ah...anyways...mum came up with it..Poocha....Poochy...:\

Sriram said...

@ks: Thanks! Drop by often :)
@merlz: poocha.. poochy - yeah that's what I guessed :D

Anonymous said...

I think he got high after his Sem exams... :P

so sriram, you just got away with it...

But then if you want we can always call Gman and tell him no?

Sriram said...

@nitin: YOU tell him!

Niranjani said...

anju definitely has a fantastic imagination/creativity.can still remember her story telling in coimbatore..am not a grt fan of cats..still yours look cute!!! :-)

Sriram said...

anju definitely has a fantastic imagination/creativity. Yeah, all of which she uses to pester and/or annoy her bro!