College: First impressions!

After a long period of almost five months of holidays during which I dreamt of spending my time usefully, but ended up doing nothing at all, college has begun. For those who didnt know/care, I'll be doing my B.Tech in Applied Electronics at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum (better known as CET). Considering the fact that we are in a country which churns (yes, churns is the word) out engineering graduates year after year, and in a state which, if you double the number of colleges, would produce more engineering graduates than the whole of the US, I'm just a tiny speck.

But I'm proud to say I'm one of the people who chose this because I liked it and hence wanted to do the course, other than just going with the flow or succumbing to parental pressure or doing it just for a job. I had always had an inclination for the engineering world from my younger days, and today I'm happy to say I'm doing a subject I would love to do. And it was the icing on the cake when one of our professors told us (who had taught in many top colleges in the state) that though we might not be the best engineering college in the state (we're considered to be the second best), as far as our department was concerned, one could safely say it was the best in the state.

I have had many 'first day's till now. Three to be precise :) One was the admission day, when we were told that it would be another two weeks till college would start; the second was last Friday, when we had an orientation seminar, got our timetable and stuff; but the third and true first day was the day after my birthday - Monday, the 22nd. Managed to get a seat in the crowded 'M' route bus which then wound its way through snarling city traffic till it traversed the thirteen odd kilometres from my stop to the college. A senior chettan tickled me for a few minutes asking me about my spectacles, why I was wearing one with a red leg.. then demanding that I talk in C++ for five minutes, asking me what I knew about logic-gates etc etc.. could be called ragging :D Well I reached the huge, green, campus around nine o'clock.. proceeded to our rooms (after a seminar), and settled down to our classes.

As far as my class was concerned, there were a few guys and gals whom I knew, so making friends was not a problem at all.. Around sixty people in all, and something like twenty-plus of them girls :p Classes were of one hour duration, with a lunch break after three hours in the morning... Sorely, no other break between periods. After all those lazy, idle hours spent at home, the body was having a tough job sitting and being forced to concentrate. Something was being done to curb ragging in the college and it was omnipresent. A bus 'exlcusively' for freshers, teaching staff hanging about near the first years' classes to pinch off any ambitious senior with an intent of ragging.. there are rumours that the whole 'ragging' phenomenon will begin in full blow after two weeks, but no one knows the truth. Anyway. it would have been nice if there was ragging (IN THE ORIGINAL SENSE of the term) - as in a casual but interesting way of seniors introducing themselves and also getting to know the newcomers - so we missed the part where we would get to know some of our seniors; but I'm not asking for anything here, let me put that clear! (just in case anyone is reading this ;) So nowadays the 'moving-about' around the campus is limited, and in groups (there's safety in numbers :)...

Well in a nutshell, college life has begun.. as everyone says, the most memorable four years of one's life.. well that also means my internet activity is bound to decrease in frquency and duration.. :D Right now I'm happy I've got into a reasonably good college and am doing a good course too.. so it's just a matter of a bit of time before I become a real part of CET and enjoy my next four years in its beautiful campus.


Sidhusaaheb said...
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Sidhusaaheb said...

Applied Electronics sounds interesting. My younger bro's degree says 'Electronics and Communication'. That's somewhat different, I suppose. Yours sounds like more of a specialised discipline.


The kind of ragging that is meant to intimidate or humiliate the freshers should not happen at all. Some mild ribbing is all right though, I think. It's good that your college authorities are taking good care. However, most ragging is faced by those staying in the hostels, generally.

BTW, I suggest you study your subject rather than 'doing' it. That sounds rather too radical!


Macabreday said...

good luck for college life.. remember to not work too hard, and have lotsa fun..cause this is ur last chance....!!

T said...

I can't wait to see your first day when you say that its nothing radical but same old recycled methodology, and hence it sucks to be studying here.

But on a lighter note, enjoy your first two years as life gets boring in 3rd and you will be jaded by 4th year.

You may have to take some harsh decisions too, you know competition is kicking our *.

Hari said...

First of all, congrats on getting admitted to CET. Your seat is something thousands would die for. And be aware the government is spending over sixty thousand rupees exclusively to fund your education! :P

The game has just begun, buddy! It's a whole big, bad, world out there. :D Brace yourself!

Wishing you all good luck!

Urgu said...

/dey, finally! My post is ready to shoot out of its slimy tunnel. And i tell you this much: i'm gonna start blogging full-time from that one. ON both blogs. So.
/Talk in c++? What did you say to that guy?
/Place looks awesome yaar.

Sriram said...


Yeah, Electronics and communication and my subject are handled by the Electronics Dept. in my college.. the diff is that for ECE they have stuff on communication(modulation, signals etc) towards the end while we guys branch off to instrumentation and control electronics.

As for the ragging there seems to be tight 'law enforcement' from this year.. so just the ribbing part comes up sometimes in the bus.. and not a single one in the campus. You're right about the hostels though :)


Yeah.. I'll keep that in mind.. you're right.. these are the final days of enjoyment!


thanks for dropping by :p


thanks bro! Yeah its a big bad world :D


Good, man! Finally eh? Well the c++ bit I rolled out a string variable and an input line and handed him a prompt.. appo oru "entada chettammarodu kalikkana?" ennu chodichu.. then I kinda sweet-talked my way out. It was nothing much actually.. they were just having fun :D

And about the place.. well I just chose the best looking pic :P

Niranjani said...

the college looks great in the pic..have a blast !!!

Sriram said...

thank you :) yes it's gonna be the best of times!

The Blue Indian said...

Welcome to the World of Engineers dude.. I would love to see your opinion about "Electronics" which you are so enthusiastic about as of now... dunno about your 'God's Own Country', but in this part of India atleast, people's perception of engineering keeps on changing with the years.

The 4 yrs of engg here are named as-

F.E. = Fond of Engineering
S.E. = Sick of Engineering
T.E. = Tired of Engineering
B.E. = Booorrred of Engineering :P

rantravereflect/ jane said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW :) those were the best dayssss of my life ma.. engineering completely rocked,(thugh i didnt study a word ;))


and since it's what ya love, ya shall not just love te course, but also excel at it!


rantravereflect/ jane said...

AND YA SHOULD VISIT MY OTHER BLOG plainjane4u.blogspot.com sometime :)

Sriram said...


Yeh man.. I guess its the same here.. anyhow I'll have to experience all these years to tell ya :)


thanks.. and about mallu babes... yes that'll take a post by itself sometime later :D
about your other blog.. will check it out.. await comment soon :D

n i t i n said...

"...why I was wearing one with a red leg.. then demanding that I talk in C++ for five minutes, asking me what I knew about logic-gates etc etc.. could be called ragging..."

this is like calling ragging a murder, and a murder a killing spree!! Get a life macha!!

Its just sad that your seniors dont get to know you..sheesh!!

btw..how are the girls macha?? ;)

Sriram said...

da manda.. I know it wasnt ragging in even the least sense of the word man :p There's some heavy curb on the thing this year in CET... girls machu.. did I tell you staring outta the class is prime-time activity?

Cris said...

Been reading your blog for a short while now, not sure if I actually got around to leaving a comment yet. Anyway enjoy reading it. And heres wishing you the very best for those 4 years ahead. Have fun!

Sriram said...

Thanks for the warm gesture of having finally left a comment :) Do drop in often!

n i t i n said...


Merlz said...

Curbed ragging there eh? Hmm. Ragging was fun here. 75% of the times that I've been ragged. Had a Mallu special ragging too. Taht was the best! They gave us icecream later. :D

Well...I dunno if college years would be the best or not. Coz I personally feel that school was most awesome. Ah well,is a matter of individual opinion, I guess.

Anyways, sorry for the laaaate comment. Barely have time to sleep here. Sigh! Anyways, felt good to know about your college. My college dream started started taking shape at CET actually. Wrote my NATA exam there. See?

Sriram said...


So obsessed with palindromes, eh?


Well there are rumours that ragging starts officially after puja hehe.. updates will follow :p
Yeah school rocked... I can never deny that. Atleast I had friends who thought alike and had a lot of things in common. But it's too early to say anything as of now..

K.I said...

well specs with red legs r indeed a problem...me too was asked about it...but as nitin said its mere chat that your senior made..compared to wat the SCT premises offer you...Good Luck

Sriram said...

ki: thanks for dropping by.. hows life?