Seventeen plus plus

[Note: Blog on autopilot... I am not responsible for anything untoward which it posts while I'm asleep.]

The blogowner turns eighteen this moment. He's happy. In fact, he's so thrilled. Even ecstatic. um.. wait he's asleep.

The bike awaits his touch.. the politicians have one more guy to depend upon for their survival in the battlefield.. oh and he can watch anything he wants ;) [but dont quote me on that!]

Damn... I screwed up a perfectly respectable post.. hm, that's why I let him do all the writing. It's better when a real person writes stuff.. instead of a blogger-Bot coded in Python.

Time to stop my stupid automated gibberish and wish him a happy birthday.

The Blawg


Sidhusaaheb said...

Happy B'day!

I hope you'll get your driving licence very soon.


Anonymous said...

happy bday dude!

Vrij said...

Happy Bday to U.. Happy Bday to U..

(imagine me singing in tune)

Have fun..

n i t i n said...


now I think its time you loose those neckless Ts and and those un-denim jeans..and move on to something that suits you, like a full sleeve formal shirt with a good plain dark trousers....

And yeah, Happy Birthday macha!!!
Let the booze lords be with you. Adichu paampaaya namah!

Sriram said...


Oh yes, I can't wait to get mine! Thanks a lot :)

hari && vrij

Thank you so much!


Yes aliya.. I've already got myself some good shirts :) They're a bit of a pain though.. ironing, blah blah. I like the combi dark shirt, light trousers :D
adichu pambaayah namah.. lol!!!

Black Sabbath said...

aliyaa najn korachu bc with cllg and all!appo net okke very rare aayite useuuu!hehe. .
anyways happy bday bro!

Black Sabbath said...

treat? :|

Hari said...

Happy B'day, buddy! :D Hope your blog writes more interesting blog posts by itself! :P

Enjoy maadi!

Sriram said...


thanks aliya.. so hows the place and college?


Thanks a lot :) [your phone call came at this point]

Anonymous said...

remember WMD2?

Sriram said...

oh my gawd.. I really dont remember who you are. Any objections to telling me?

silverine said...

Many happy returns of the day!!! :)

The Blue Indian said...

Heights of Narcissism! Nice way of Letting the world know of the begining of your adulthood! :P

Happy Birthday!

I've sent an ERS WDM2 your way..make sure you receive her on time, else she will run away with someone else...

Sriram said...

Thank you :) }

ERS deemer? With what train? :D

The Blue Indian said...

As bday gift, u dumbo!

And if u want me to send it with a train, then well..I am spoilt for choice-
LTT-KCVL Garib Rath
Kerala Sampark Kranti
Veraval-Trivendrum Express
want more??

Niranjani said...

ooh..i find myself going back in time :-) have lots of fun !!