Eternal Favourites

It's a shame that despite being such a harcore music addict, I have never done a post which talks of music... so this is a tribute to all the people who have taught me and from whom I have learnt all the bits and pieces of any musical skill.  

I LOATHE the way Bollywood music is heading towards nowadays.. or even Tamil music for that matter. Mindless yet vain copying from English... but still so devoid of the 'heaviness' of metal (to which a large majority of the so called 'hip' audience is still deaf) - all in all a half baked attempt at reproducing a repetitive tune is what I deem it. Don't even compare it to Rock or metal!

My music tastes have kinda refined over the years and is (as of now) stable :) I have separated the favourites into my three 'genres'. (All links point to Youtube videos)

# New York Nagaram (Sillinoru kaadhal - A R Rahman):
An absolute stunner from Rahman... very complex background instrumentals, amply loud guitar chords all through the song, and an absolutely beautiful ending... this song has the best ending I've ever heard in a long, long time.

# Nila Kaigirathu (Indira - A R Rahman, sung by Hariharan):
Classic Rahman style.. simple yet never plain instrumentals too... soothing, ideal for dropping off to sleep on a moonlit night. It's nothing short of music therapy.

# Maula Mere Maula (Anwar - Pankaj Aswasthi):
I just can't help myself from listening to this one from time to time... little known film, little known composer, but a real beautiful song. Really well done backgroud score too.

# My Immortal (Evanescence):
The sole English song in this list.. Amy Lee's powerful voice renders this passionate song in all its glory.. watch out for the part where the band kicks in with the guitars and the drums towards the end... orgasmic!

# Kuzhaloothum Kannanukku (Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu - Ilaiyaraja):
Old Tamil classic.. beautiful one from the Maestro himself.

# Oru vaakku mindathe (July 4):
Little known song, this. A lot similar to "Ay Hairathe" from Guru, I may add.. but the beat is a different timing.

# Ye jo desh hai mera (Swadesh - A R Rahman):
Rahman-tic.. need I say more? Listening to this song on an absolutely still, chilly night gives me goosebumps every time :)

# Akhri Alvida (Strings):
We performed this one during our batch's farewell at out school.. makes me nostalgic. Powerful chorus and soft enough to be instantly likeable.

# Wherever I may roam (Symphony and Metallica):
I get a high every time our band plays this during a jamming session! Simply awesssumm orchestra at the back, the classic ]\/[etallic/\ style... and awesome lyrics!

# Diary of Jane (Breaking Benjamin):
I just keep listening to this one every now and then.. powerful chords, an awesome hi-hat tapping at the beginning.

# Rime of the ancient mariner (Iron Maiden):
Loong song. Iron maiden guys are poets or what? Just listen to the lyrics!

# Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day):
Another long song... with lots of variations.. typical Green Day punk.

# Knockin on heaven's door (Guns n Roses):
Classic GnR with an awesome lead by Slash... you may safely click the link :)

# Sweet Child of mine (Guns n Roses):
I dont need to give any introduction to this one!

# Beyond the realms of death (Judas Priest):
I liked this only after I listened to this a couple of times over... it's real awesome... Philosophical sh!t all over.. based on a riff which the band's drummer made when he was fooling about with the guitar.

# Livin on a prayer (Bon Jovi):
The chorus and its pitch gets you on a high... classic Bon Jovi.

# In the end (Linkin Park):
No intro.. everyone's heard this one! My first Linkin Park song.. and my most favourite!

# Going under (Evanescence):
Whatta voice... Amy Lee! Awesome guitar chords and superb singing :)

# Instrumedley (Dream Theatre) God how could I forget this one??? And how the hell do those guys remember all the bits and pieces in this utterly complex and sophisticated medley!! Must listen to this, anyone!
# Fuer Elise (Beethoven)
# Scenes from childhood (Schumann)
# Symphony in G - [the one as a monophonic ringtone in the old Nokia sets](Mozart)
# Toss the feathers (The Corrs)
# Any good Carnatic/Hindustani piece in my favourite raaga: Yaman Kalyani
# Moonlight (Beethoven)
# Hymn to the sea (Titanic sountrack)
# Khwaja Mere Khwaja - instrumental version (Jodhaa Akbar - A R Rahman)

So there... check out the tracks... I give you my word that you wont be disappointed! Bricks/Bouquets welcome as always..

Hence ends another post construed due to lack of time and patience ;)


K.I said...

ye aakhri alvida na ho........

Sriram said...

Wah! Whatay popular post!

Hari said...

Nice to see you come up with such an exhaustive list. Great to know that we share lots of tracks in common! :-)

New York Nagaram's currently on the top of my playlist. I'm trying to master singing the song perfectly. Would love to perform it somewhere. :-)

Ditto with Aakhri Alivda & In The End. :P

Hey, why don't you upload a composition of yours? :P

rantravereflect/ jane said...

awesome list :)

geeee soul-stirring music--
all those :)

akhri alvida performed--> sang or played? :)

Sriram said...

Great.. ^5 then! Well I havent composed much.. or since my tenth standard.. will put them up later :)

Thanks... good to see someone actually listened to them (did you?)
I played the drums for that song.. and sang along too :)

n i t i n said...

yeah! finally!

rock on!bro...


Niranjani said...

yeah i agree with all those "indian movie" songs in your list..my favs too :-) the rest i can't say coz i'm one of those average indian movie song fed person!!"S" might identify with you more as he is one of your kind ..always making me listen to songs from all over the world and trying his best to upgrade my taste!!;-)

Sriram said...

Dude I miss all of you man.. the songs we used to sing.. all of us with more or less similar tastes in music..

^5 at Indian... well I can identify myself with S(why dont u say his full name in public btw?) too.. even I do the trying-to-upgrade-others'-music-tastes part..
What you 'softy-softy-music-only' kind of people need is a good dash of Iron Maiden or Metallica :) spend time with me for a week and I'll leave your ears ringing with Heavy metal! I'm sure S would agree.. pl do ask him that! Waitin for reply ;)

Sidhusaaheb said...

Check out:


Song Title: Shayad
Band: Call (Pakistan-based)
Album: Jilawatan


Sriram said...

Sidhusaaheb sir, of course I've heard that song! I didnt want an extra long list, so I was forced to cut out many songs that I like..
I love Call's 'Sab Bhula Kai' :)

silverine said...

Whatay compilation!!! Now lazy me has to just click and listen! Thanks!

n i t i n said...

yeah...f^ck man!

and the 4th allotment just made it sure I stay in the shithole..weeh!

look at me..I am soo f^ckin happy!!!!

Sriram said...

Well this reply should have come a couple of hours earlier from my college, but as luck would have it, blogger.com was blocked :(



Thankoo! Music therapy it isss!!




F!!k! There was a FOURTH allotment???

How many more?


Niranjani said...

haha..heavy metal..i do hear them every time a vessels slip from my hand in the kitchen (that was a bad one!!).hey i have no problems saying "Sundar's" name!! only that I used the first alphabet in one post of mine coz i was lazy and got used to it ;-)