When will this madness stop? Some bloody bastard with the totally perverted brain of his, a complete failure in life, turns to the 'radical' way of life, brainwashed by other fucking bastards in such a manner that the fool is ready to give his life to take the life of others.

Again and again, the target is the junta. The same gory images flashing across all the news channels.. reporters risking their lives covering the whole events.. the brave and noble army-men, the NSG Commandoes, mindless of the danger lurking at every step, at every instant of their lives.. putting their lives at stake for the sake of the lives of the others.

The same robotic, lukewarm speeches made by the politicians, supposedly the leaders of this great democracy... their hasty arrival at the scene of disaster. The VIP, requiring Z category security, is flanked by security personnel, thus relaxing crucial security atleast by a fraction elsewhere.
Absurd is a mere understatement.
(Oh, and where is our North-Indian hating f(r)iend? Now that he has hundreds of dedicated armed soldiers, a large part of them from outside 'his' state, to take care of 'his' city and his safety while he can sleep peacefully, there is no sound from him... how very beautiful.)

We are fed up. 2008 has been the worst hitting year for the Indians. We are sick of watching attack after attack, the blame game (the way Tom and Jerry hastily pass the lighted bomb to each others hands comes to mind), the same old cold-as-a-marble-slab response, the way the hue and cry dies down, the stoicism of the people who are after all helpless, the paranoia that creeps into our day to day lives.. The pity... for all those children searching frantically for their parents, a young couple looking for their baby, brothers searching for their beloved sisters... the tears that give way to anger.. the broken heart that frantically tries to heal the wounds so tragically inflicted upon it, for no fault of its own.

When will the assembly line system of putting old arses in the control system of the nation stop? We call ourselves a youthful country when the majority of the blokes up in the House are about to shrivel and need walking sticks to go to the loo. We need quick-thinking, zest, the energy, the vitality and the action.

My heart goes out to those affected in the Mumbai attack, what is being called "India's 9/11".. and I salute the police and the commandoes who have done the best of what they can for the common man. May the souls of the brave and innocent rest in peace.

And to the fucking bastards who planned this tucked away in some part of the world, who are watching all this with glee.. I did not believe in hell. But now I do.. solely for you.


rantravereflect/ jane said...

that's what they are - fukn bastards with absolutely NO heart..
fukd u failures with false notions of martyrs!
it was sooooo damn heart stopping to watch those people weeping n windswept in agony!
a big salute to all those men in black!
n a very interesting observation made about shiv sena ofcourse!
this is a terror attack against india!
n let's sincerely hope n pray for earnest vigilantism, empathy n solidarity!

SunRays said...

Well said! Cannot agree more!

Anonymous said...

yeah..agree with you bro...


but then if we look at the other side, the fingers may point back at us too....we were so laid back... so can't blame them solely...

still fucking mofoing retards!!!

lets pray for all those who lost their lives, and their families...

Niranjani said...

Just put up my share of rantings on the blog to find your post..seriously I'm sick of it,infact we were sick of it the first time,but it is only now that the media has taken note as if it has woken up out of a long slumber..at the end of the day laid back people deserve laid back government !!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Where do terrorists spring up from in India?

Some of the answers may be found in the article at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Riot-hit_regions_breed_terrorists/articleshow/3511536.cms .

urgu said...

have posted a new one. first time in a year.