Summer siesta

Two days into freedom... the summer sun is beating as hard as he can. No signs of rain yet.

Rain in May???

Ha.. welcome to Kerala. The most successful attempt (so far) at predicting the weather here ended up in the unfortunate person hanging himself unable to bear the shame of defeat. In other countries, England for example, the weather was always a subject to start with. A nice try here would run something as follows:

Person 1: (looking at the sky)...(flinches at the blinding sun) hm...
Person 2: (ignores)
P1: (at P2) ahem?
P2:  *silence*
P 1: (to himself) sad... he looks so manly to be deaf.
P2: What did u say?

P1: Nothing....*sweats* rather hot day, isnt it?
P2: (looks up at the cloudy sky) I think it's going to rain.
P1: So it is.

*crash* *rumble*

P1: My.. it looks too dark for 2 in the afternoon!
p2: I havent got an umbrella.. have you?
P1: Yeah, it's-


Prologue: P1 and P2  are forced to part ways and run helter skelter, while the sky above pours for all its worth.

There seems to be a perpetual 'rotation' in duty among the rain and the blessed sun. In one of those rare times when it shines brightly all the way from Monday to Sunday morning, if you listen hard at Sunday afternoon, you can almost hear the profanity from the clouds above. All of a sudden, it becomes dark as 6pm and the sky opens up, pouring out all its fury against the sun having enjoyed 'overtime'. and once it starts raining... ahh! All you can see is green and black when you look out the window (the former being the trees and the latter being their trunks).

It's been bright for over a wekk now. My chief pastime now is staying inside and laughing at people passing by on the road, imagining what a shock they would receive when drenched in an all-overwhelming fury of a summer shower. (I safely ignore the fact that I have to laugh at myself at the end of each hot day).

I finally have the afternoons to myself. From one o'clock in the afternoon, a strong breeze comes in from the west side(which ends in the sea a few kms off) and runs through the whole house. A strange, yet lovely smoky smell rises from somewhere, which reminds me of the sun beating on rain-dampened roof-tiles after monsoon. The traffic on the road in front ceases and the air becomes still, save the occasional call from the cukoo or the faraway horn of a passing train :)
How easy it is when the mind is free!

No wonder it's the same with the famous six-year old and his furry friend...
Calvin and Hobbes


Life's 'little' letdowns... continue

A fine start to railfanning today. Drew up an ambitious little plan to:

  • Get up at six (my goodness!) and get out of the house ten mins later.
  • Walk all the way up 1.2 kms to Vanchiyoor, where the road meets the railroad.
  • Adjust speed to catch the TVC-ERS Janshatabdi, complete with a smoking ERS WDM3A and catch it on the cam.
  • Hover about and repeat the same with PGTN-TVC Amrita exp, TVC-MAQ Parasuram and the MDU-QLN passenger. Mentally note their links (the locos they were assigned).
  • Walk home triumphantly and upload pics to irfca.
Someone up in those control panels seems to be set hard against me. A few previous posts will reveal how 'fate'(if you want to call it that way) has been playing a wicked game on me of late. Well, my blessed cam batteries failed for no reason half way to Vanchiyoor. Inspite of my having charged them for about TWO days. I walked back home frustrated with the camera and the world in general(why not? everyone does that and I think I'm old enough to do so too), since I had not taken any money with me to buy a new set of batteries.

Now what the hell is going on with me?


Metastable equilibrium

Something has really happened to me. I suddenly had that wonderful idea to switch to wordpress, and spent the whole day today creating new tags, editing the template as best as I could. Till I heard that WP didnt allow you to upload a new template via ftp. It allowed that only for users who hosted their blog on their private domain an used the WP interface. Damn.

Sidhusaaheb, thanks for telling me before it was too late :)

So now it's back to good ol' blogger again :) First thing, I set myself upon changing the font(of the header, etc) manually via the xml script (took some time though). The supposedly user-friendly interface of blogger that allows you to do this through a javascript-version just allowed me to click at various buttons to change the font and colour, but with no effect on the site whatsoever. So manual it was and I got my hands dirty... but the header looks pleasing now, in a sans serif font rather than the ugly serif one earlier.

So blogger it is... and blogger it will be, I hope. I'm trusting my mind less and less now.


The end... of the beginning?

It’s finally happened. A lot has finally happened.

I know, the holidays are here.

Damn. I don’t know where to start. Imagine the state of mind of a person imprisoned for some five or six years and released suddenly yesterday.

Now you see the point.

No, I’m not mad. yet. Our educational system is worthless. Entrance exams are just elimination, not evaluation. One whole year of effort… wasted in just about three hours of blind toil. Its all based upon luck at that fateful day. Satisfactorily high results every other day, only to go horribly wrong on that most important moment. Thats about how everything has chanced. I amd hardened up now. I can face anything that is to come. Face it like a man.

Wordpress was awesome. Still one thing I hate about it is the total lack of template-editing features. Look at blogger in that light. All you needed was a simple click at the ‘edit html’ button and you had the very barebones of the template laid for all to see. And work upon. I found a neat clean theme for this blog and heck, I dunno how to install it! Obviously, I did google it up and found that I had to ftp upload the theme folder to the wp-content/themes folder of the blog. On trying to proceed via the browser to the ftp location, I found myself staring at the 404 error. So I downloaded an ftp client and accessed anotherbloggerbloke.wordpress.com and wordpress.com via ftp, providing the username and password for entry. And dammit it put its foot down and refused to connect. What the hell can the matter be?

All great souls who have successfully installed a third party theme on their wordpress blog, please put down a word or two.

On a different line, there are such a lot of thing waiting to be done… installing linux on my now garbled HDD, upgrade my six-year old dabba, and of course railfanning. Not to mention the ambitious plan of ABPPD-a blog post per day :)

By the way, how many of you have noticed the extremely tiny smiley that smiles away at the left-corner of the bottom-most part of every wordpress page?

Kubuntu Hardy heron (8.04) is out now :)

I’m luvin’ it!