Breaking the silence

It's been almost an era since the any bits and bytes went through this humble abode, thanks to one hell of an attack of acute blogger's block I had been suffering.

Anyway, the reason for the long hiatus? I just dunno. The reason for this sudden post? Goddammit I don't know!

"I dunno why.. I just did not feel like writing.." is what immediately comes to mind. Of late, I've been watching a lot of movies. Maybe to make up for the near-nil coverage of movies I did till now. For those in whom it didn't ring a bell, the piece of quoted text at the beginning is inspired by what Tom Hanks says ("I dunno... just felt like running..") in the movie Forrest Gump (bingo! I watched that one too.. it's a must-watch :). Since I'm too lazy to add links for all the movies I'm citing here, I assume you know the way to wikipedia ;) Forrest Gump, the Departed, of course the much-talked-about SlumDog Millionaire, RangDeBasanti (ok I admit, I'm this idiot who saw it only recently!), Kal Ho Na Ho (ditto :), Die Hard, the much-inspiring The Pursuit of Happyness, Castaway, Saving Private Ryan etc... all of them awesome ones.

I just finished watching 'Mozhi'.. a decent, lovely Tamil movie (yeah those are rare, aren't they? ;) My sis has already done a post on this, so I'm not going into much detail... but one thing about it is that it simply oozes feel-good factor. Something about all the Major-only chords in the soundtrack I guess :) Here's one from the movie.. the heroine is deaf and dumb, but the way the stuff is shot, and the way the characters are portrayed, it's just not like any movie in which you sympathise with her. Watch it yourself:

Heck, I can't believe that I, of all persons, am doing, of all things, a movie commentary! But you might excuse it to my having just got up from watching it. Anyway, it's one of the very few Indian movies that gives as much, or more, importance to the thoughts of the viewer than to his damn hormones.. one of the few Indian movies which have subtle symbolisms and "stuff that comes around, completing something in the movie", if you get what I'm trying to convey. English movies have lots of them.. in that respect our own little industry has to come a long way... whoa but I'm in no way qualified to be even the slightest critic of movies!

There's no point to this post, only a solemn promise to myself that I'm not going to let my beloved blog rust in piece!

A huge thanks to BSNL's Home-500C plan, for an awesome provision called Night-Unlimited, without which I would have gone broke and my broadband connection gone extinct by now :)

A lot of random thoughts are flowing in the moment I touch my fingertips onto the keys... a lot has to be said, a lot has to be thought... sometimes I think I have changed a lot, but sometimes my mind tells me that I'm the same little brat I always was :) Writing has to save my language from going to the dogs, since in college I barely have anyone to talk in English to, save a few. I find myself fumbling for words I would never have fumbled for a year ago... Sometimes I blame it on myself, sometimes it's easier to lay the blame on something called Fate, something I never believed in, but which increasingly keeps forcing me to.

Have to catch up with all the fellow blogger-buddies... have to get the great blogging machinery fired up and moving again :)


The Blue Indian said...
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The Blue Indian said...

Nice to find you back in action after an extensive period of exile! Just like your post, I have nothing specific to comment, but just thought I would make my presence felt! :)

Btw, do take a detour to my blog once in a while!

Sidhusaaheb said...

One fine day, soon after I had finished my post-graduation, I sat down to list all the movies (English) I had watched during those two years. The titles in the list ran up to nearly 200, if I remember correctly.


Sriram said...

karan: Thanks for the comment.. just like ur comment, I have nothing specific to say :D

Sidhusaaheb: Whoa!

Vrij said...

Good 2 c u back!

Anonymous said...


you... and something related to movies...

AAha! the changes that occur in college.

neway I missed ur posts... and ur comments.. :D

Sriram said...

Vrij: Thanks yaar!

nitin: As always, thanks a lot buddy :) But hey there wasn't any big change once I entered college... but I admit I have changed a lot. Now that was one hell of a contradictory statement wasn't it? hehe

urgu said...

finally! movies ellam tv il alle kandathu??

silverine said...

Very nice song. Now I am tempted to see the movie! And if I am not wrong...you are in college right? Do give us some posts on that! And thats when I stared blogging btw :)

Sriram said...


oh man.. BSNL broadband ki jai!


It's worth a watch... Yup I'm in college now.. but frankly I don't see anything in the offing to make a post on.. that's how it is! Let's hope something good crops up :)

Niranjani said...

haa..so you do watch movies ;-) good to know that .and mozhi was one of those movies which made me feel that the world is still a good place when i came out of the theatre.not many movies can do that now !! ok now that you've started ..watch goodwill hunting and shawshank redemption amazing ones.

Sriram said...

Ah.. was wondering where you were :)

Oh, and I've just started a movie-watching-spree.. and thanks to the awesome broadband I have a lot waiting in line than I have time for.. thanks for the latest two additions!