Study Hols - an oxymoron

Right when life kinda settles down after.. um.. well particularly nothing but I mean those smooth parts of life where everything behaves the way it should and there is a good whiff of the smug 'ah' factor in the air, comes the old enemy: the exam. Dragging before it comes the so called 'study holidays'. There couldn't be a worse misnomer. Not because it's an oxymoron but because the first part makes no sense. (Nor would this post, if I go on like this.. so I guess I'll narrow down to my case):

After the machine-gun fire of ten-exams-without-any-break-whatsoever-of-two-exams-a-day, (named meekly the 'series-tests') we collapsed, worn out physically and mentally, that weekend. I resorted to watching some movies and.. well.. spending pretty much the entire time in front of the good old computer. Then it happened. Dire threatening messages warning of impending doom. 'S1S2 university exam dates announced' it screeched.
It was a fake. After two or three more such forerunners, the real deal came up and pointed a jagged finger at May29th.

Fast forward back to today. The oxymoron thing.. right. Now there's this inevitable, undeniable truth about study holidays. However hard you try to study, the world against you doing it. Nature, people you know (and those you don't), your computer, your phone, your mind heck you yourself are dead set against the very idea of you opening the book. Hence there's absolutely no option except trying to have fun, albeit with an irritating, nagging thought at the back of your mind.

And who says you can't? Heck, I haven't been at home for two weeks for nothing! Here's a good but in no ways complete list of all the stuff one can do during "those three weeks" ;)

1. Computer *murmurs of approval around* Don't waste time shutting it down. Dont. If you're one of the unfortunate who just need to keep restarting the computer once in a while to keep the OS running (a.k.a Windows user), also see 4. Do random fun stuff if you're getting bored. Try rearranging the icons on the desktop, and play pegopolis with them. Press down Alt-tab with many windows open, and predict which one will appear when you release it. Award yourself another try when you win and two more if you lose (this one's obviously addictive ;) Play all your CDs in the drive and listen to it spinning over and over again to such an extent that you can identify which is which from the noise it makes inside the drive. (Dedicated and thorough practice recommended) Set up an infinite howling feedback by putting a microphone right in front of your speakers and turning up the volume. Play death metal in between such howling sessions for a break.
Also try the infinite screenshot thingy: Screenshot of a desktop inside another desktop inside another desktop inside another desktop inside another desktop inside another desktop inside another desktop inside another desktop (yeah that stuff..)

2. The internet Get addicted to it. Set a 'make 1000 friends' goal for youself at Omegle (If you don't know what Omegle is, click on the link. If you already know, go back to it only after reading this post :P) In my case, the addiction happened with twitter! (Yup, here I am on twitter :) ) Try tweeting so fast that twitter says "just a nanosecond ago", "just a picosecond ago", instead of the usual less than a few seconds ago. Another way of entertainment would be playing the amnesia game on all the friends in ur chatlist. Start with 'uh.. who are you?' and make it convincing so that you get bored of it soon. Then switch over to 3.

3. The TV Channel surfing!! Also try memorising all the numbers and names of the channels while not forgetting to watch all the movies in HBO and/or Star Movies. Re arrange the channels and memorise the numbers again. Again, keep track of the movies!

4 Install some very new distro of linux on a 486. Or better, install Linux from Scratch!

6. Learn to play a musical instrument, preferably one that's horrendously difficult and requires a lot of patience. Teach yourself and practise it day and night. Learn to juggle ice-cubes. Or water for that matter. Juggling liquid water sounds funny but I guess it's achievable. Give it a try and let me know :)

7. Blog huge posts like twitter updates. Around a hundred a day would sound fair.

10. Try to format your brain so that you forget to count.

11. Repeat all that I've mentioned. Then write a short blog post about it.

13. Try your hand at a bit of study (this is the unreachable part of the infinite loop I've set up between 1 and 10 muhahahaha)

Guess that'll do for now. Glad to have revived the blog. Gotta run... think I'll perfect the art of juggling water atleast today!


Gautam Sasi said...

Amazing read man....really feels as if it has cum outta ma heart...lol:)

urgu said...

LOL! at trying to identify which cd by the sound. That's quite an exhaustive list. Glad i dont have study hols or id go mad.

Sriram said...

@gautam: Thanks man.. well it's gotta be, for we're in the same boat!

@guru: good 4 u buddy.. save urself a reason to go insane!

n i t i n said...

Good to see you back n banging bro..


What the fuck are you doing on twitter!!!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Another term for that is 'preparatory leave'. Perhaps that sounds like less of an oxymoron...


Hari said...


Been there, done that! I've tried everything about #1 except the CD drive whirring thing.

And if you'll notice, I've been tweeting, orkutting, facebooking, blogging et al, like a maniac!! ;)

Great way to put them all down. Fabulous as always. :D

Hari said...

You forgot something... Finishing those 2000 free smses through forwards. :P!!

Hari said...

Third comment... whew!!

Er... your twitter link is broken... fix it! :P

Sriram said...

@nitin: Welcome back man.. well I'm shooting birds on twitter.. what did u think I was doin? :P

@sidhusaaheb: Oh that one's threatening enough!! :D

@hari: hehe great, bro! Oh btw, more than fwds.. panjaara is more fun ;)

Cris said...

Didnt read it fully but why is there no 8 and 9?

Gremlin said...

loved it! i'l keep evrytn i mind! :D

Sriram said...

@cris: Reading it completely should solve your problem :)

@gremlin: Good.. especially with the case of this year's KEE (or KEAM or whatever) if that's wat's gonna be ur destiny :D

Niranjani said...

wow..fantastic stuff...i wish i had so many things to do in my study hols..my way of getting through it was to open the book and then day dream ..the whole day of exotic lands and things i would never get to see or do in reality..he he !!

Sarath V K said...

Interesting blog spot... Keep it up !!

Sriram said...

@niranjani: Damn! I forgot day-dreaming!! But that's more intense only when you open the book :D

@sarath: Thanks.. drop in often :)