Mediocrity and Pissed-off-ness

Disclaimer: For the uninitiated, this post drips a vain and high-n-mighty attitude. If you know me well, you'll understand. If you dont, and still think the post oozes all that, fuck off.

College really pisses me off sometimes. Yes, I have an awesome set of friends in there and they are the reason why I go to college. But apart from them, the whole atmosphere there is, I may say, really disillusioning.
A thick fog of mediocrity hangs about forever. It's very disappointing. The average person on the campus is someone who comes, sits and gets back to his place. He comes to college for a degree and to sip his cup of chaaya. He doesn't care what's happening around him (as in the world), for he doesn't process such stuff up there. Thank god college is not filled with these species, for a lot of unfortunate people would have gone for the rope (or the dope) had it been so.

So here's something I'd really love to tell the faceless person in the crowd someday. Maybe I'm just exaggerating but again, if you really care for your time, go read the newspaper or soemthing.

1. Dont be the Average Joe. If you still are, understand for Gods sake that the Average Joe isn't very proud of being so. He's just a dumbass.

2. I dont need to have a goddamn reason for everything I do!! Just cos I wear a smiley badge to college one day, it doesnt mean I'm now a vaastu or tai-chi or whatever person. I wear it cos I can. Go dig your nose if you have any problem with that.

3. Sitting in the back row doesn't necessarily make you god. And for the fools who ridicule the guys sitting right up front, lemme tell u that we laugh our asses off, get online and tweet about it sitting there, while your sorry arses get picked on to answer a question by some prof.

4. Movies is not always equal to malayalam movies. There exist English movies that are not equal to porn. And English movies are not always equal to action/thriller.

5. Oh yes, a lot of people dont give a damn about politics. Maybe we're just not that passionate. Also, see #6.

6. When I say Fuck off, I mean it. Nobody says fuck off for the panache.

7. Nobody needs to turn heads when someone talks in English or uses some expletive. Sonofabitch is just the same as panna naayinte mone.

8. If you dont listen to metal, you can have my sympathy (and my collection if you bring a portable HDD). If you show your disdain/disgust(god save u!) for it without being asked, accept the finger.

9. There exist a lot of people who have interests other than what's required in the syllabus of the goddamn university. Just because someone reads a book on python or microcontrollers it doesnt mean you need to panic.

10. Relax, goddammit.

11. Girls, wearing tshirts is sweet :D The ones who usually don't needn't be embarassed to do it the first time (pun unintended :P )

Feels good to have administered CPR to the blog :) S4 starts soon. Hmm six semesters to go...