Glimpses of the city

I've been very busy doing precisely nothing these days. And when that itch to update the blog grows into a nasty guilt (similar to the one you experience when you suddenly realise you havent fed the dog for a week) you have all sorts of nasty guilty dreams of the God of the Internet condemning you to dial-up speeds for a month, or worse still, sending his thunderbolt outta heaven and frying your modem.


Salvation comes in various forms, sang they. So I rummaged (what's left of) my memory and tried to recollect all what had happened in the last few weeks. What follows is a vague and totally pointless narration of the 'stuff I've been upto' for the past (calculate) days.

First and foremost was this much revered, overhyped and sexily named programme held at college called CETEX. (The nickname 'sexily named' is a misnomer. It sounded to me like a mixture of a co-operative textile and a poorly named contraceptive). No offences anyone. We lurve CET :D Yeah we love Mohanlal and Mammooty too. (Dear whoever-it-may-be I beg your pardon because I named these two in the same sentence and some aliyan says, by the rules of either's welfare association it's supposed to be a punishable crime). Yup, CETEX was a boon to us poor slogging assholes condemned to the yoke of Kerala University Syllabus. It was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, cos it gave us, apart from other benefits, the possibility to enjoy five days of doing-precisely-nothing vacation at home :) It also offered (on the proverbial other pan of the balance) the opportunity to make something in the way of a product for the tech exhibition.

I preferred the latter, for a change, because all these strikes we'd been having had put us on an OD of the former. And so it was decided. I'd heard of this awesome thing called the Arduino and was determined to do something with that.. And as luck would have it, Gautam bought a lappie :) Man oh man oh man we took one look at the device, and we threw our thoughts to the Kaamadhenu which was the college Wifi, all ready to be milked. And that's how all those "Muhahahaha!" "God bless internet radio" and "Die firewall, die" tweets turned up in various twitter accounts :)
Righto, cutting stuff short, we got our heads and hands together to create this nameless thing which we later named, in the most boringest stiff-upper-lip-way possible, a "360 degree dynamic display". The thingy was essentially (oh goddammit here I go again) a row of five unnassuming LEDs, which, when made to rotate on a fan, blink in a specific sequence such as to display any word we program it to. Oh, and the reason behind the whole 'seeing words' phenomenon is the old trick again - Persistence of vision.

So we made it and were pretty proud of having got a real experience of having done it (plus all the supplementary experiences like soldering-iron-burns, breaking legs of microcontroller ICs, displaced sleep cycles and a whole lot of swear words tailor-made to be hurled at electronic items). By the end of the week I knew my way around Thakarapparambu blindfolded, and most of the chaayakkada owners around there knew us by name :P

Finally once the exhibition began, EVERYONE was interested in the college.. people from God knows where turned up, (chicks included :P) to the very same place we'd been calling a shithole, the_grind and other assorted names. Finally it ended in a pile of exhausted guys, aching legs and sore throats.
Boy and the next day was 'regular class'. We swore under our hushed breaths and cracked voices, and then my classmate and I hatched up this nifty trick; and turned up to college in the most disheveled way possible, hair all untidy and falling over eyes, dirty denim and long saggy tees. As if in appreciation/disgust we got the day off right after the first two lab hours :D
We got a special jury mention for what we did(the display I mean), and it was a tad too literally meant. Our names were 'mentioned' during the prize distribution ceremony. Classic :P

On a different note, I've become more and more addicted to twitter nowadays. There was this #kickass night once. It began thus: Shuffle was on, and my music player was belting out one good one after the other. Finally, it played a paandi dappankoothu bit: Puli Urumuthu from 'ilayathalapathi' super duper trooper red pink shining 'thalaivaaa' staaar Vijai's 'Vettaikkaran'. One listen and I went all nostalgic to the days Guru and I used to get high off pandi dappankoothu, featuring the awesomest instrument of its kind, the Urumi. The ultra awesome classique growling moaning sound produced by this 'drum' is what infuses the ultimate high in the whole drumming ecstasy induced by tapping out these beats on anything sonorous, like school benches, waste bins, geometry boxes and stuff. And so it began. Tweets @tuxerman:

- #nowplaying Verum Dappankoothu!! Addi Monay adi!! LOL!!
- Thalley I'm on a fuckin high off dappankoothu!!! Adi machi adddi!! Podu!!! Bring in the urumi :P
- The urumi should be incorporate in the standard drum kit :P Preferably with a foot pedal! #kickass #dappankoothu
- Shit I'm laughing hysterically!! This is definitely a #dappankoothu high! Time to stop the music! Illengil ippo aattam thudangum!
- LOL! #kickass #nowplaying transition today. Nightwish in the morning, Sajda in the evening, Rahman, then Neelambari, finally #dappankoothu!
- Absolutely!! RT @vanwinkle: wat do u get wen u cross black metal n dappankuthu??laid to rest by lamb of god!! #nowplaying
- More #awesomeness #kickass stuff: Listening to #dappankoothu kidichu paambaayi royally plastered :P paandi lungi, burmuda-jetty :D
- LOL #nowplaying Cheena Taana from Vasool Raja MBBS.. tana toin toin toin toinnggg!! LMAO!! #dappankoothu
- Whaaataay way to bring in the weekend mwaaney! #kickass
- Paattu kettu paambayi! LOL!! God bless #dappankoothu God bless @twitter God bless music :P Adi mwanay good night tweeps!! Whew!

So that made up my twitter timeline at around midnight last Friday. School friends and awesome college buddies piped in and everyone's timeline was a mess of #dappankoothu and for a while, life seemed all crazy and fun, just like the old days :)

Mosquitoes. Bloody bloodsucking bastards. Ah I do so miss the good old bat which dispensed these infernal parasites off on a shocked death. LOL that was funny :D

Weather in trivandrum is fucking oppressive. Sweat and heat everywhere. Amazon rainforest, zaire, Spa, come to mind.

Note: This post is titled glimpses of the city on purpose. It means nothing, but that is precisely why it's there. Please bear with the goddamn thing.

LOL now that this post is up on the mainpage, the goddamn college firewall's gonna blog my blog with the reasons "P0rnography(African), P0rnography(Dutch), Goddammit-just-a-bad-site", etc listed in red. Poor automated piece of code.

Haha I'm going mad. Someday all this will make sense. Bye for now.

Update: Shit I hate this post.
And for the people to whom a lot of words would sound Greek and Latin, please note that they are probably not Greek and Latin(owing to my not knowing these revered languages) but zimbly Malayalam and Tamil.. Ah the pleasure of being multilingual :)


scorpiogenius said...

Disappointed! :(
Not glimpse of the city..cheat :P

brajesh said...

Dey tat was one hell of a whirlwind round up.. classic,chaotic stuff.. let there be chaos.it was kickass!:)

The Blue Indian said...

Dude, thats one kickass project you made! Congrats!

I have two complaints-

1. The post has an extra-ordinarily large proportion of very long non-English words sounding like biological nomenclature of insects, making it totally undecipherable to lesser mortals like me.

2. Where the hell is GLIMPSE of the CITY???? I was hoping to see TVC :O

Sriram said...

@scorpiogenius: Muhahaha :D
@Brajesh: gprs at work eh :D Thanks man I never thought anyone would comment on this crap!
@Karan: Check last few lines of the post :P

Manish said...

Three months...now I know whom to blame (read Twitter).

Nice set of ramblings. Wonderfully zany and free-flowing :-)

PS: No trains nowadays?

Sidhusaaheb said...

Twitter the blog-killer...I agree!

/urgu said...

Vary nice indeed. :P
#shamelessblogplug urgu.tumblr.com

via @krishashok thalaivar