Le first Shenoy!

Note: For those who are in the dark about what a Shenoy is, I'd suggest going through 'groaners' like this and this one wiki entry.

It was the time of the intra college fest again. For those who were accustomed to ripping the competition competing with people from other colleges, this was a gratifying experience. Of showing Who was The Boss. Or who ran the things around here.
As usual, the dudes from Mechanical Engg were off at their proud best, shouting slogans and flinging engine parts about; the electronics people were sick of being called the nerds of college and were protesting by amputating poor Field Effect Transistors; and the compsci people were too busy trying to get Windows to shut down for them to make it to the events in time. The Civilians were being civil enough and the electrical people were too shocked to respond. And the chicks at Archi were as hot as ever :P

The big events started and as the tension built up, the talk about who, from which branch, would walk away with the grand prize, also known as LeGrand Prize (after the sponsors). For the dude/dudette who scored the maximum, all the events included. All eyes were on two people - A girl from Compsci and dude from Mech. The eyes who were not looking were on the Mech Man(MM), because he happened to be the son of a well known Professor. The Compsci chick(CC), on the other hand, was very popular in quite a few circles too.

The whole thing was not without any loopholes. Any time MM got the pointers to slide in his favour, the gang supporting CC cried foul. When the latter won something big, the MM-supporter guys panicked and shouted about; and had it not been for the reassuring chime of the next event coming up, it would've ended up in a fight. And it almost did once, but that's another story.

Tom and Mot were two friends who were exactly like what their names suggested: Quite the opposite of each other. As was the case here, Tom supported MM and Mot was for CC. But they hit it off quite well, and never hit anybody else.

At the present time, they were discussing the points for and against both of them winning, and the discussion had all the symptoms of turning into a pointless philosophical one. Tom had started off remarking, if not anything else, CC's hairdo was an instant turn-off and Mot had retorted (prefixing the age old "You male chauvinistic pig!") saying something it was nothing but bad wind that messed it up; following which Tom had bitten back a rather ill-humoured comment on CC's posterior. He also had nothing to say against accusations of bias when it came to the son of a Professor.

And hence time flew (aided by the bad wind, asserted Mot) and it was time for the winner of LeGrand prize to be announced. The cheering team for Mech and the ones for Compsci had finally arrived in a huge gang, as it was sure that the grand prize of the LeGrand switchboard belonged to either MM or CC. The chief guest got to the stage and spoke a few words as befitting a gentleman like himself and the time. The world waited with bated breath as he announced: "And LeGrand prizzze... goesss to... Mech Mannnn!!!!"

A roar erupting from the cheering Mech dudes drowned out our poor CC-supporting Mot's cries of dismay. The Compsci people were on the brink of tears. However, one line of age old truth from Tom made them see it in the proper light:
"Cheer up, people", he said. "It was bound to happen. Mech hai while the son shines".


brajesh said...

ponnu mwane.. kadanna kayi aayi poyi.. but was hilarious and creative nevertheless:)tat u ve modelled it on real people is another kickass point to be noted.. at d end of d day,al said n done,i d safely conjecture tat mr shenoy would ve patted an appreciative pat or two on ur back:)cheerio:)
Ps:loved d references to qt and d al time great pulp fiction man:)

Sriram said...

Holy FUCKK This is the height of coincidence! Seems people of the said description exist, complete with the 'son' thing :| Goddammit!!

Manish said...

When you start posting fiction on your blog, it's a good sign...hopefully you're bored of tweeting now? ;-)

Nice story...BTW, what's with the title?

Sriram said...

@brajesh *WIDE GRIN*
@Manish: *updated* Check out the links I've posted in the beginning :)

silverine said...

lol! btw your shenoyism at Twitter is brilliant!