Some people have been created as solid logic machines. They don't seem to understand the fact that some things can exist without a reason. Atleast without an obvious one.
One of those days, when one feels totally frustrated with the world and life in general, it's not uncommon for anyone to look in the direction of the heavens and plead "WHY, God?? WHY?!".
And then, it's not like there comes this shrill noise (of a mic test) from above, followed by a deep voice, "Ahem.. well my child, it's like in this particular differential equation that happened to ruling your day on the fourth of November 2010, there was this inherent flaw in the precision of one of the constants, this loophole having been exploited by the probability of your screwing up your day, unfortunately, I may add, contributed to the whole thing, resulting in this particular distasteful blemish on the happiness of ur life". Nopes, that never happens.

Yet, somehow, life goes on..

It's in my college that I met most of the specimens of this type. The one which left me particularly shaken was this incident involving a smiley badge. One of my buddies had got hold of this badge with the most innocent-looking, cutest smiley you'd ever have seen. Anyone who glanced at that face was sure to have a most affable smile on his face the next moment.. such was the power of smiley-man :) One fine morning I decided I'd sport it on my chest and make the world seem a better place for the day. And so it was (with the same smug attitude which Calvin carries about him while wearing his rocket-ship underpants) that I walked into my class. Mixed responses. A couple of people see it and smile and ask where I got it from.. All well and good. Then come these other people..
"Aaha.. enthaada ithu?" [Ah what's this da?]
"Smiley aliya" [Duh.. Smiley, man!]
"Enthinaada ithu ittondirikunne?" [Why're u wearing this, da?]
"Uh... chumma" [Uh.. just like that]
"Chummayo? Alla, ithinte upayogam entha?" [Oh? But I mean, what's the use of it?]

I really ran out of words at this point. I quickly blurted out the first thing that came up in my mind: "Ah.. ath actually Vaastu Shastra-ile powerful sambhavamaade.. Oru rekshayilllatha paripaadiya" [Well, it's this powerful thingy mentioned in Vaastu Shaastra. It's really awesome]
He was like.. "Gee..", and said no more :) Yaay!

Suffice it to say I get consulted for Vaastu tips these days. And given my latest flair for 'thallu' [gas-adikkufying] in exam papers quite successfully, I've managed to dole out random tips pretty well. (Offering Vaastu tips to girls is a really adventurous opportunity, for I've managed to persuade many into thinking even dressing is an integral part of Vaastu.. ah u see the point)

Speaking of girls, there was this time I bunked some class in the peak of summer because the classroom was nothing short of a goddamn furnace, and went straight to the Department's computer facility, to cool off in its air-con interiors. Unfortunately, the internet connection was on its knees and crawling that day, so determined not to make myself any more nostalgic (being reminded of dial-up days), I headed off to the library. I was sort of interested in this subject called control systems of late (it being a really multi-discipline subject, and my being on a high off train/aircraft videos recently), so I take this nice-looking book from the shelf and take a seat, hogging the fastest and airiest fan-space.

All of a sudden this nerd girl walks in and does a :-O expression (or better, the zoozoo style shocked-WTF expression). My words of gentle enquiry as to her well-being fell on deaf words as the scared-out-of-her-skin lady could only utter one sentence: "God.. Did they change the syllabus??"

Apparently, I was reading up on a subject which was part of the syllabus one or two semesters ahead, and I had not taken the proper precautions to put up disclaimers like "DONT PANIC" by the side of the desk. I managed to shrug off, saying "Naah I was just going thru it for fun.. y'know, just like that :)". With a final look that spoke volumes about her lingering doubts, she went about her business. I felt as if I'd said the "Naah just for fun.. y'know, just like that :)" line while holding someone at gunpoint and the person was asking me what the gun was for :|

School was exactly the opposite. We had a bunch of maniacs doing stuff totally crazy and WTF'd, and nobody gave a shit about anything. If someone liked something, they joined in, and nobody was hurt. And everything went as merry as kids going round the mulberry bush.

Just two days ago I had one of those lovely experiences falling just in line with the theme of what I'd been talkin of till now. I was at my mother's native place (Coimbatore) and it was a cool Sunday morning. I was woken up by the regular 6am-9am load shedding and was looking around. My cousin sis was still fast asleep beside me and the kiddy cousins hadnt stirred yet. Feeling bored I nudged the former awake and we had a cuppa tea. The tea having gone inside, we thought we'd go for a morning ride. So her old battered Scooty was prodded to life and off we went. It was randomness all through. We took a couple of turns here and there, and ended up on the highway, buzzing along at a comfortable fifty an hour, wind in our face and the sun rising in the distance. What made it even more perfect was when I asked "Hey enga poroam?" [hey where we goin?] she laughed and said, "Haha thereela" [I dont know!] It couldnt have been more kickass :)

At some point we turned back and followed the road we came by.. It was at this juncture that she remembered that there was this level crossing somewhere nearby and we thought we'd check it out. A few miles down there was this small road leading left, and we took it and came upon the aforementioned place. It was the now-closed (for gauge conversion) metre-gauge line from Coimbatore to Pollachi. Single line, surrounded by open scrubland, grass and weeds on all sides. We went past it and suddenly sis has an idea. She stopped the scooty and says, "Hey come on!".
And then we held hands and walked along the rails. Just like that.

It couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun was rising behind our backs, and the birds were chirping for all their worth. The cold morning breeze was still about and there was not a soul in sight. And here we were, just like kids, holding hands and walking on the rails. Occasionally stumbling, falling, tugging on each other to regain balance. We talked and laughed a lot. I felt a sense of joy I'd never felt for a long time.. It was back to being a kid. From a big, mature nineteen to a carefree six or seven year old..

And what made the whole thing even more beautiful was the pure serendipity. It was, indeed, 'just like that!'We walked a few hundred metres down the track and turned back; got back home just in time for breakfast.

"There you are! Where the heck had both of you gone?" chimed our moms together. "Ahh ma.. we were at a secret place :)" said sis.
The kids in us were still about :)

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vanwinkle said...

hmmm.. u spoilt the fun of reading thru ur post by having told most of it to me in advance man! :) well it certainly is an age old question aint it.. why should action always be dictated by logic?? and the walk along the rails thingy was totally awesome man:)cheers

damsel in distress said...
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damsel in distress said...

ah. The heart does things for a reason that reason can't understand!!

guess am one of your nerd classmate kind! can't help it. :p

loved the coimbatore part- reminded me of certain things i used to do with my sis and cousins..but that was a long..really long time ago!

interesting write up..finding joy in little big things..cool!

Gautam Sasi said...

RT @vanwinkle..;) And as for the cuz sis part yea..u're rite..der's no better feeling than 'talking while walking' wid a lovely cuz sis...:) Oh boy i miss ma sis so much now!!

Srivardhan said...

ah! there's nothing as gratifying as simple joys or unplanned adventures :)
and what u said abt the general attitude at college; couldn't agree with u more.. loved the vaasthu part, LOLS! :D

/urgu said...

Yeah, i agree with vanwinkle. Every single thing you told me already man. :)

Sriram said...

@winkle: Yup.. shouldn't have had that CC last evening :P

@damsel @srivardhan: Yup.. it was just lovely, the serendipity :)

@gautam: and as i type this u lucky ass are on ur way to ur naadu.. mindarrrthu!!

@urgu: And like i told him, we shouldnt have had that chat ystday evening I guess :P

Sriram said...

@damsel: But doing stuff now, like what u must've done long long ago, is kickass! One of the most gratifying things ever.. And believe me, it stays etched in memory like nothing else :)

Srivardhan said...

Btw, that reminds me.. in my 3rd sem, i wore a t-shirt to colg, across which i had scribbled the schrodinger's wave eqn in fabric paint :D
oh yeah, it did attract a lot of attention..most of it dictated by logic..

Niranjani said...

awww...that was so sweet:-) and totally loved the vaasthu stuff !!a level crossing in the middle of nowhere seems like heaven after being to places where such things have to be created and dont just exist !!

Sriram said...

@Schrei: That reminds me.. should get a 'schrodinger's cat is dead/not dead' tee somehow :)

@niranjani: God!! Just happened to think of u today afternoon.. was wondering where u'd gone all these days :) Welcome back :)

sruthy said...

ah, it was chweet yaar, the last part was ma favourite.... unintentional little joys of life....;) ;)

Vivek said...

:) wat else am i supposed to say

Sriram said...

@sruthy: chweet it is :D
@vivek: exactly.. especially yours being the 13th comment :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Awesome blog! Abt this post.. the moments have been very well captured and written and the photo best compliments it!
Blogrolling :)
Will keep visiting!

hollowmaniac said...

aliya B.E.A.yootiful!
(I think I was lucky enough to NOT hear you before. :P)

So many memories just ... you know... ugh! I just cant explain that feeling, its somewhere between "holy fuck! itwas awesome! the time we had" and "what the fuck! I hate it now, wish I had a timeturner".. you get the point.

you just gave out what i was trying to bring out all these days. College life's pretty fucked up man. But then you know what they say. "veenadam vishnulogam" and "enthayaalum nananju, ini kulichirangam" <<-- the only things that keep me going these days. i guess you need to go for a ride often. i do that. feels awesome.

If you dont have that driving(<-pun) force, get yourself a crazy crack girl with a scooter. :D

blunt edges said...

did u say u are mature and 19? is that possible? :o
i had once read of a theory that said something like , "u are either a teen (early, late, whatever) or u are mature!" ;)

totally bad jokes apart...liked the randomness of the post...n u speak both malayalam as well as tamil?

blunt edges said...

n forgot 2 mention...the calvin strip...A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Sriram said...

@Vibushan: Hey, incidentally, if u remember me, you'd realise u know the cousin in the story well :)

@hollowmaniac: Wah, mach.. Wah! The pleasures of reading thru a long comment! AND GODDAMMIT I DRIVE! and PASSIONATELY!

@blunt edges: Yup I speak both tamil and malayalam :D You'd find an interesting story here :D :D #blogplug

Anonymous said...


Vivek said...

Gee!!!! I just re-read that post. Ul get a book offer from me once im done with establishing my publishing co =))

Sriram said...

@Anon: I deleted ur latest comment, as you can see Mr Blog-fucker. I left the previous one intact, because replying to a non-existent comment is beyond reason.
I envy your job. Fucking up blogs would be a very romantic and (sexually?) pleasing activity, you've made it seem. However, I don't have time for your shit. I'd suggest you'd rather start a blog of your own (it's quite easy actually) and start fucking that up. Fucking your own fuckin blog ought to be fuckin close to fucking other's blogs up. After all, at some points of time, even the most aggressive of rapists do masturbate.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...
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arshat.chaudhary said...

Lovely post..
Dude, dont read just for fun.. u ll end up scaring people.. :P

totalliemeh said...

one casual reply to *my* comment about serendipity.Ironical. A lot happened after this eh?