The second word which brings joy, peace and a feeling of universal brotherhood into the untainted minds of Mallu-folk. (The first word's alcohol, but that's not the subject matter here).
Ah, nothing indeed, compares the ethereal feeling of putting ones hand and face to the sky, relishing the first drops of rain amidst that o-so-sweet smell of heavenly precipitation upon warm topsoil.. No, this is not one of those made-hopelessly-romantic (in an effort to please the old hags correcting it) English board-exam essays. This aint SPAARTAAAAA either (just saying). This is, a bored-out analysis into the effects the famous kerala monsoon produces upon the normal headbanging, slightly geek, unkempt and unshaven, jack-of-all, jobless college student-ish types.

1. Mind: The master of the body is uplifted. Every sonofamother feels warm and brotherly. Spirited, the word. Spirited, even if you haven't touched spirits in your life. The monsoon unites the industrious village-folk (<--oxymoron alert), the simply-go-about-life townsfolk, and the cursing city-folk into one beaming sea of humanity, raining goodwill and kindness in general. Picture this:

Scene 1: Busy city street. Sun shining with all its might, mercury on the bad side of 35. Two well dressed gentlemen walking, frowning at nobody in particular, happen to bump into each other quite by accident, and let's say, drop a bag or two.
"Engottu nokki pokuvaada my#$*&^!! Maanathu nokkiyaanoda nadakkane, P*&^#$(*&#$. Road entha, ninte achante vakayaa?"
[Now where the hell are u looking, you [expletive]?!! Walkin looking at the sky are we [expl]. Does this road belong to your dad or wat.] And then the passers by gather, pick up sides and a nice brawl starts shaping up.

Scene 2: Busy city street. Dark clouds threatening to open up above. Quite a strong wind blowing about. Temperature not straying above 27. Two well dressed gentlemen walking, happen to bump into each other quite by accident, and let's say, drop a bag or two.

"Aiyyo sorry.. Njaan eduthu tharaam. Entoru kaatta ithu! Oru nalla mazhakkolu thanney! Sir vegam veeti pokkolu!"
[Oops, sorry.. I'll pick it up for you. What a wind, I say! lovely atmosphere for rain... You'd better get home soon, sir!"]

Business cards exchanged, informal invitation to come for daughter's cousin's wedding. And all is well with the world.

2. Music: Quite obviously, if you're sitting at home and looking at them raindrops outta the window, your mind must've started craving for those mushy, soft romantic stuff. Metalheads, don't get alarmed! No, DONT pick up that bass guitar from the rack either. It's natural. It's like.. hormones. So unless you are driving a fire-truck without a windshield at ripping speeds, and all that heavy rain amidst the thunderstorm is battering your face and anterior, do not as much as look at metal. In moments like this, all one needs to do is, relax, sit back and listen to the mush wafting forth from the music player. It does sound lovely. The heart flutters, the mind aches. Aches for --> point no. 3

3. The girl: If you've read point 2 and happen to be one of those rather lucky types who have a girl, you would have definitely called her. Again, it's natural. Since these types won't be around for the next hour or so (owing to a lot of eda, chakkare trans-ceiving across phones), lets talk about the so called less fortunate of the lot. Oh well we'd primarily be craving for those picturesque moments when - the camera shows a drop of water bouncing across a fresh green leaf, then slowly zooms out, to two folks holding hands by the window and looking at infinity, while oh so lovely music plays in the background. Yessir, you know how it feels!
At this point what one would be doing is, start texting friends. And then the girls start going bolder, peppering msgs with enough double ententre and ample amounts of :P or ;).. An evening to laugh about :D Oh well what the hell.

4. Food, and drinks: As everyone agrees, the best time to sit and have a swig or two is during a minute drizzle, or post shower, in the garden. Talk about general state of affairs, blogs, tweetups, buddy's affairs, oh anything under the.. er.. clouds. Even tea tastes splendid, while on a Sunday afternoon (afternoon as in when it looks as dark as 6pm), one takes some toast and tea, out to the perch, and engages in a light reading of the Sunday Mag.

5. Sleep. Oodles of it. Sleep like a baby, without worries. Sleep like you can really hear the rain battering the concrete roof and creating a tantarataanum on the asbestos sheets yonder. Wake up, ponder, and go back to sleep again. Leave the window open, please :) Don't study. You can't.

Rain, is good for you.

The weathermen have just engaged in another of their atrocious prophecies, and the moment they proclaimed "Monsoon sets foot in Kerala", the rain we'd been having for the past week vanished and it's sunny as a clean shaven cheek now.

So, dear Met-department, please, Shut the fuck up.