Rain is..

Lying curled up in the mornings, snoozing the alarm one more time.

The lone crow lamenting atop the slippery coconut leaf while the morning express to Hyderabad sounds its melancholy horn.

Listening to Stairway to heaven while walking with your buddy late at night in a thunderstorm.

Rushing to the door, looking up at the sky and savouring the drops of the fourth monsoon shower that day.

Sitting legs drawn up, looking at the rain and texting your best friend.

The innumerable innuendoes that make their way into conversations just because the weather feels good.

Standing at the door of a train and savouring a hot cuppa watching the world go by in a blur of green.

Walking in the drizzle to enjoy a spicy molaku bajji from the tiffin centre.

Clamouring that the teacher leave because it was too dark in the class.

Wishing it was colder and that I was at Hogwarts.

A pillow and a Wodehouse.

And above all, rain is - the gentle pizzicato, the haunting notes of the wailing violin, the warmth of the heavily bowed cello, the playful prance on the piano, the flirtatious nuances of the flute, the musings evoked by a clarinet concerto.

Rain is Desh on the sarod, and Yamuna Kalyani over the temple speakers with earthen lamps illuminating a beautiful face.

Rain is music, happiness and love.


Niranjani said...

Beautiful :-) wish I could say something even remotely as good as that about the rain in here ;-)

Sriram said...

Ha. Ireland has unmatched beauty of its own, so dont complain :D

totalliemeh said...

well, to quote monica- "I KNOW!"

Rain is, lying curled up in the mornings, snoozing the alarm, sitting legs drawn up, and getting a text from your best friend that he has blogged, reading the blog,understand the references and have this feeling inside that makes you go nostalgic about the childhood days.

Also rain is wishing we were all together.

Sriram said...

the weather just makes us all benign and more tolerant of each other :P

vanwinkle said...

luvly. rain is all those things plus a dash of eloquence eh? whether it be over the phone or on the blog:D severe dejavu feel. we ve talked about all this havent we:D and the wodehouse thingy. Amen

sruthi jayachandran said...

nice da! everyone will have some trifles like these in their life.though trifles,it fills our heart with peace and pleasure :)

Sriram said...

@jesh: Dei the cud chewage that happened on a rainy night was what spawned this in the first place :)

@sruthi: I agree :)

Anonymous said...

Rain is something that evokes a whole lot of different emotions in people...to me, rain is reassurance, that things will start looking up soon and that everything will be all right...rain is manna for the disheartened... :)