Au revoir, 2011

The stone Pensieve lay in the cabinet where it had always been. Harry heaved it onto the desk and poured Snape’s memories into the wide basin with its runic markings around the edge. To escape into someone else’s head would be a blessed relief..

This post is more of a pensive reflections sitting in the banyan tree breeze looking at the temple pond type.

Time, I have come to believe after reading stuff like The Egg, is something we have created, something that exists within our frame, realm or any other spatialistic references we use. However, another year has just slipped by and one can't help sitting up to think. Almost everyone, from real life to twitterfolk whom I havent met, have been bitching about how bad the year was. I would say this has been one of the most profound times of my life.

The year has been bittersweet. 'Twas the best of times, 'twas the worst of times.

People.. from your best friends to someone as relatively obscure as the gate keeper at a railway level-crossing.

Boring topics to excited texting. Quite a bit of fights. Sweet smalltalk.
Conversations. Nods, smiles. Straight faced talks about god knows what.

Movies, concerts, alcohol.

Lewd comments to spontaneous poetry.

Disillusionment, disappointment, listlessness. Rage. Fury. Uncontrollable laughter, aching cheeks.
Possessiveness. Chumminess.
Hugs, Pecks.

Travelling long distances, walking around a new place all alone with your hands in your pockets, taking in all the sights and smells and sounds.

Being off twitter for a very long time, logging back in and finding out that things havent changed much.

Catching trains right on time. Sitting at the door and watching the sun set while the world goes by in a blur of green and gold.

Staying up all night doing absolutely nothing except watch random crap on the comp. Staggering into class the next day and falling asleep on the desk. Waking up because your buddy just spotted a cute chick walk by outside and thought your sleep could wait.

Strange detours to satisfy stranger hunger cravings.

Falling asleep texting. Face. Palm. Facepalm.

A cold run through Cubbon Park followed by strong hot coffee.

Watching the shunter go about his daily business and clicking tongues in pity.

Sleeping..a lot of it. Losing sleep, a lot of it.

Knowing friendship and how much it means.

Giving someone a gift and watching their face break into a smile.

Here's to a new year of hope and fun and good stuff. And happiness :)

And the promise that I will blog, regularly.