There's this mood that comes over you.. an introspective one. You're neither happy, nor sad. You neither want to reach a conclusion nor let your mind think for that matter. You just want to close your internal eye, and let the notes of the piano wash over you. A piece with a rich, complex fabric crafted by a minor scale spreading its deep and enigmatic mood all around. Not happy music, not sad either. Mysterious, exploratory and reflective. You want to be caught in the midst of it all, a mere onlooker experiencing what it feels like to be within the folds of a vast universe. You just want to let the beauty in chaos and  complexity crash over you like the waves on a rock. You want to feel them crash over you, and the soothing surf withdraw gracefully. You want to see it all happen, but not think deeply about it yourself.

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psvinay said...

Really soothing!